Death is What Happens When You Let Protesters Get Away with Antics

Death is What Happens When You Let Protesters Get Away with Antics

Portland has been allowing criminals to get away with murder. Literally. When the protests turn violent, the police do their job by arresting them. However, it’s hard for an arrest to act as a deterrent when the city’s liberal district attorney chooses not to charge the protesters.

The criminals are in and out of jail within the span of a week. They do their time and their back on the streets to terrorize innocent victims yet again. Gee, it sure sounds like Portland is doing their darndest to work on cleaning things up.

With so many cases being dismissed, it’s allowing the violent protesters to up their game. The DA won’t charge them, so why not go bigger?

The worst-case scenario just happened.

Phillip Lawrence Nelson was arrested at a protest because he was interfering with an officer. The charges were dismissed the next day. So, Nelson went back to what he does best – committing crimes.

A week later, Phillip Lawrence Nelson stabbed two people.

Innocent, peaceful protesters don’t stab people.

The two deaths could have been completely avoided had the DA allowed Phillip Lawrence Nelson to be properly charged with his first crime. But, the DA wanted to show what an awesome liberal he was by allowing criminals to get away with their crimes. It’s no wonder why the Portland cops don’t want to play anymore. They’re tired of risking their lives and making arrests only for the criminals to be back on the street as early as the next day.

Nelson told the police he’d been homeless in Portland for two months leading up to the crimes. The roommate of the two people that Nelson stabbed reported that Nelson rented them a unit in a fourplex. Then, they found out that Nelson didn’t have that authority – he was squatting in the building.

It’s suspected that the alleged murder had to do with the ongoing dispute they had going on.

Cassy Leaton and Nate Hobbs were stabbed to death by Nelson. There was surveillance footage in the building where Leaton and Hobbs went into the basement where the water controls were located. They left and went back down minutes later. Leaton reappeared stumbling and screaming for help. She did not survive the blood loss, nor did Hobbs.

The medical examiner showed they were stabbed multiple times. Meanwhile, an officer found a long-bladed knife and a lot of blood in the basement. Surveillance also shows Nelson leaving the building shortly after the stabbing. It’s a pretty cut and dry case that Nelson is the one responsible, though the DA will probably want to fight

Imagine how the families of Leaton and Hobbs will feel when they find out that the person responsible for killing their loved ones was already charged with a crime but was released because the DA wanted to help the protesters become increasingly violent.

The Department of Justice has recently deputized the Oregon State Police so that, hopefully, there can be some law and order brought into the situation. Portland has been falling apart for months and the mayor has refused to do anything about it.

The days of saying that the protests are peaceful are long gone. However, the fact that the DA continues to dismiss the charges of everyone the cops are arresting is only making the situation worse. Even the governor refuses to step in and fix the problem. Why? They’re both Dems. They think that, by some miracle, if they allow all of this to continue to happen, they can blame it on Trump.

Unfortunately for them, too many people are learning what the Dems are up to. Trump has offered his aid and the Dems slap his hand away. They have threatened him, they have ignored his please to send in federal assistance. And as a result, Biden is suffering in the polls as Americans realize that Dems are the ones allowing the violence to continue.

Being arrested should be a deterrent, not a catapult to become more violent – and Portland may finally be understanding this.


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