Democratic Poison Filters Out into Public and is Infecting Millions

Democratic Poison Filters Out into Public and is Infecting Millions

The greatest danger right now facing the American people is not COVID-19. It is a liberal poison that is being sprayed by Democrats all over the people. Their viral words of racism and division continue to eat away at the heart of unity with the United States. For them to secretly stage riots and look for stories to promote racial hatred, they only show that they are anti-American.

In the past 60 years, any progress to reform the real social injustice that segregated a nation is quickly being replaced with a form of paranoia that screams death to freedoms. The Democrats need people to start rising up and flooding the streets and airways with their poison so they can infect the next generation coming up watching their parents act like criminals.

The push to reeducate children into thinking that change happens when violence is pushed is not how the Constitution is written. But then again, the Democrats have never really embraced the founding documents that define America and make it the great nation that it is today.

Part of the poison that the liberals are spreading tells people that it is acceptable to walk up to a person and smash their brains all over the sidewalk with a brick because they disagree with a concept. The moral center that was once present within Christian America is being erased with each subsequent infection by the radical left.

The failed state of California is the latest victim of the radicalism that is spreading throughout the country. The infection is slow-moving but kills as it goes. As a person is infected, their ideas are challenged, and then they are brainwashed to believe that crime is acceptable. From there, they begin to participate in the ritualistic overtones of their new master. They have become Democratic zombies.

The man struck the other person with the brick that he falls as if dead on the sidewalk. The attempted murder is a long result of the infectious evolutionary teaching that people are not better than the insects that crawl on the ground. Where there is no value of life, there is only attempts to squash the human that gets in the way of another.

The attacks by infected mobs and thugs are only the outworking of polluted hearts. Their goal is to destroy America’s very foundations to the point that it can no longer stand as a free nation. They will never know their devilish deeds until the consequences of anarchy catch up with them and take their lives.

The avenue of infection is the mainstream media. Instead of blaming the man for attempted murder, they simply report that something must be wrong with the other person to deserve the beating that he got. After all, when a Trump supporter is maliciously attacked on their way home, it is their fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And the killer is praised as a Democratic hero because of one less vote for the Trump camp.

Democratic followers celebrate death and never life. They would instead murder babies than allow them to be adopted by loving and caring Republican and Christian families. The sounds of condemned fill their ranks, and all they can do is laugh about the number of people that they have killed. But the infection rate continues to grow.

Eric Costello is a City Councilman in Baltimore, and he noted regarding the infection that is plaguing the country that “It should go without saying that the complete depravity to human life illustrated in this video is absolutely disgusting and should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

But the evil that laces the hearts of Democrats is what drives them to the extreme. They hate anything that would challenge their sinful behavior. They love darkness rather than the truth of law and order. The only way to combat these horrors and the infection killing so many innocent people is to take back the educational system and keep the lousy liberals from ever controlling a government seat again.


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