It’s Not About Race, It’s About Not Being a Good Player

It’s Not About Race, It’s About Not Being a Good Player

Colin Kaepernick made his fame not by being an amazing football player but by kneeling during the national anthem. He continues to play the race card and wants America to feel sorry for him because he’s had such a rough life as a black man – you know, making millions playing a sport that can only be found in the United States.

Kaepernick wants to play football again. He’s had his opportunities. He was even invited to a practice camp and chose not to show.

Now, he’s after an NFL contract. He’s God’s gift to the game, so everyone should be fighting for him, right?

Crickets. The NFL teams have no desire to get that kind of drama on their field. Kaepernick isn’t a team player. He’s not even a good player. However, NFL teams try to stay away from too much drama – and that’s all that Kaepernick can promise.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, there has been “zero interest” from the NFL teams for Kaepernick to get to play in the game again. They simply aren’t interested. He doesn’t want to practice. He doesn’t want to show his commitment to the game. Instead, he’s living it up as a brand ambassador for Nike and running social justice campaigns. Periodically, he’ll get a speaking engagement that pays him big money. Life is good for Kaepernick – all for being this supposed “social justice warrior.”

The problem with Kaepernick is that he wants to have his cake and eat it, too. He wants to play football while still complaining about the social injustices of the country. However, it’s hard to collect a paycheck of millions of dollars while telling everyone how hard it is to be a black man. If he really wanted to do something, he wouldn’t be making millions. He would run for office where he’d be paid a “measly” salary of $174,000 to be a congressman. Then, he could really make a difference by helping from the inside.

But that’s not what Kaepernick wants. It’s easier for him to go after endorsements that will pay him millions of dollars to make short videos. He doesn’t want to do any kind of real work – and it’s also why the NFL wants nothing to do with him. It’s been estimated that his Nike deal is paying him around $5 million a year.

Speaking engagements adds to that. If he wanted to write a book, he’d make even more. And there are enough people out there who would buy it. After all, the progressive liberals need reading material, too.

Colin Kaepernick isn’t as relevant as he used to be. It’s been a few years since he knelt during the anthem. Nike isn’t airing the commercials featuring Kaepernick as often as they used to. It’s why Kaepernick’s agents have talked about the possibility of an NFL deal again. But no teams are biting.

It’s been four years since Kaepernick played. Those days are over – and it seems like the only person who hasn’t come to terms with that is Colin…and possibly his agents.

For a while, his stuff would sell like hotcakes. Nike’s “True to 7” shoe featuring Kaepernick sold out on the first day of the release in North America. That was a year ago. If he’s going to continue to be the Nike go-to man and sell speaking engagements, he needs more of a draw – and it looks like Kaepernick might have to find a new meal ticket. It may even be that he’ll have to face the real drama – being a normal black man in the United States.

He says it’s so hard, so he might have to figure it out without a multi-million NFL contract being dangled in front of him. The poor guy. The social injustices he’s had to face. Let’s see Kaepernick do something else for a change. Instead of playing mediocre football, maybe he can do something a bit more productive – and even take a pay cut while he’s at it.


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