Cuomo Comes Under Fire for COVID and Points Finger at Trump

Cuomo Comes Under Fire for COVID and Points Finger at Trump

Andrew Cuomo will say and do anything to come out on top. As the governor of New York, he saw COVID spread fast and furious across his state. His inability to control things led to thousands of deaths. He made poor judgment calls that led to the deaths of thousands more within nursing homes. Now, as he comes under fire for those decisions, he points the finger at Trump.

Cuomo doesn’t want to take the blame. He’s a Democrat, after all. He believes that Trump caused the outbreak in New York because of not banning travel from Europe sooner than he did.

The travel bans were put into place as soon as it was learned what the virus was and how it was spreading. However, Trump also came under a significant amount of fire for the travel bans that he put into place with China. The Dems screamed and hollered when he banned the travel. It’s why it took so long to ban travel from Europe, too.

The virus has been running rampant in the country for six months. Yet, somehow, Cuomo has just come to this realization. During a press briefing, the governor says, “Donald Trump caused the COVID outbreak in New York. That is a fact. It’s a fact that he admitted, and the CDC admitted, and Fauci admitted.”

However, neither Trump nor Fauci nor the CDC has admitted any such thing. What’s funny is that Cuomo also gets mad at Trump for calling the coronavirus the “China virus” and then calls it such himself, saying, “The China virus got on a plane and went to Europe. The European virus came to New York.”

Can someone please tell Cuomo to stop talking? He sounds ridiculous.

The whole thing comes down to making it about New York. Cuomo doesn’t care that tens of thousands of lives were lost. It comes down to Cuomo not getting the money that he wants. He blames Trump’s “incompetence” and then says, “They won’t provide federal funding to help repair the damage from the ambush they created.”

According to numbers generated by Johns Hopkins, over 33,000 New Yorkers have died – New York has the highest death count so far. The reason for that is not because Trump didn’t ban travel from Europe until mid-March. It’s because Cuomo made a call that sent countless COVID positive patients back into the nursing homes so that it could spread like wildfire.

Travel works both ways. People can travel in and out. Those in Europe could have closed travel leaving the countries, too. In March, it was still unknown just how quickly the virus could travel. And, the Dems were still yelling that Trump was making a mistake by closing the borders and establishing travel bans.

Cuomo wants the help of the federal government while calling the CDC, the Department of Homeland Security, and the entire Trump administration “incompetent.”

Trump has called New York City home for years. Trump Tower is there. He has loved the city, long before moving to the White House as president. So why would he purposely try to kill New York City, as Cuomo claims? It doesn’t make any sense.

Cuomo is trying to make himself look better since it was his failures that caused such an outbreak. Well, that and the mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio, telling people to go to the theatre in March instead of having everyone quarantine.

Trump is one man. He may be the president but he doesn’t have absolute power. Cuomo may need to be reminded of that as it has been his idiotic Dems that have caused many of the problems when it comes to containing the virus.

The reality is that Cuomo is getting ready to release a book about the amazing job that he’s done with the virus. Only, the numbers of those dead in New York may make it hard for him to sell many copies. It’s not about Cuomo trying to protect New York and hold Trump accountable. It’s all about his book and his wallet.


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