Boom! GOP Sees a Massive Push in Voter Registrations

Boom! GOP Sees a Massive Push in Voter Registrations

Don’t like what you see in politics? You have a chance to change it by voting. This is what it means to be American. You’re part of a democracy – and it’s thanks to things like the Electoral College that everyone can truly have their voice heard as opposed to a popular vote where only the largest cities can make the decisions.

The Dems would love for you to believe that new voter registrations are all for Biden. After all, those who have never registered to vote must be coming out to make sure we don’t get another four years of Trump, right?

That appears to be wrong, particularly within one of the battleground states.

Close to 198,000 registered voters have been added by the GOP. New Republicans are coming out to register to vote – and it’s because they don’t want to see the hot mess that’s representing the Democratic Party. Considering Biden can’t answer live questions without a teleprompter and changes his stance on the various issues with each passing day, it’s hard to know what he wants anymore.

The people of Pennsylvania have spoken, however. They want to see Trump in office for another four years – and the new registration reports prove it.

Since Trump won the general election in 2016, the Republicans register close to seven times more than the Dems. Now, while the number of registered Dems in the state still outnumber the Republicans by around 750,000, the divide isn’t as great.

There have been major registrations in such areas as Northampton, Luzerne, and Erie. It’s what allowed Trump to flip the state in 2016. Clinton lost to him by less than a percentage point. With even more Republican voters being added, it could lead to another Trump victory – tossing Biden to the side.

As for the Dems, they claim they’re not concerned. It’s also why the Dems aren’t looking to do many in-person events. They’re taking a virtual approach, claiming that it’s because of the pandemic. However, it also has to do with the supposed wear and tear that they’re worried about. Biden simply can’t handle too many in-person events, so they have to do what they can with what they’re given.

It sounds like excuses. Even Lawrence Tabas, the leader of the Pennsylvania Republican Party knows it, saying, “Having this additional edge of newly registered Republicans from the Democratic base, these are people who are going to vote in November. These people are committed.”

The Republicans have one thing right – those that are registering NOW are planning to vote in two months. It ensures that there are going to be at least 198,000 votes for Trump in the state of Pennsylvania – and realistically more because of the other residents who have been registered for years. As for the Democratic Party, they’re up in the air. They have a lot to be concerned about.

Voting, in general, is going to be a lot different this year because of the pandemic, the shortage of polling workers, and recommendations by many to vote by mail. It’s not looking too good for the Democratic Party to get the votes they need, which is why seeing so many people registering GOP is a good thing.

Now, it’s a waiting game. We wait to see if the Republicans can sign anyone else in the state of Pennsylvania. We wait to see how many people come out to the polls. And, we wait to see what the final results are going to be in November.

Meanwhile, we can only hope that other Republican groups in other battleground states are having just as much luck as they are in Pennsylvania. With such hideous stories of how Democratic leaders are behaving, it’s easier to show those who have yet to register to vote which party they need to be siding with. Let’s see those registrations increase and keep Trump in for another four years!


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