Finally, De Blasio Called Out…and By a Democrat!

Finally, De Blasio Called Out…and By a Democrat!

Bill De Blasio likes to think of himself as the best mayor New York City has ever seen. However, anyone living there knows the truth – he’s the worst. He’s responsible for crime and corruption. He wasted too much time to react to COVID, leaving thousands to die. And as riots hit the streets, he chooses to do nothing.

It’s about time that De Blasio gets called out on his inability to govern the city. No one expected it to be a fellow Democrat, though. The fact that there’s such a disconnect within the party makes it that much sweeter.

Representative Max Rose of New York, a Democrat, has decided that De Blasio needs to hear a bit of truth and tells him to “do his damn job.”

Rose recently ran an ad where he called De Blasio the worst mayor in the history of NYC. The mayor had a lousy comeback, saying that Rose was just a politician and that he’s “wrong.”

When Rose took to an interview on Fox News, he refuted the remarks that the mayor made. For Rose, it’s not just a political game to help him in the congressional race against the GOP candidate, Nicole Malliotakis. Instead, he’s gone on record to say that he’s ashamed of the way the NYC mayor is acting. His message for De Blasio is simple: “If you don’t want to be considered the worst mayor in the history of New York City, do your damn job. Stop playing politics.”

Rose doesn’t just have an issue with De Blasio, either. In fact, he’s been calling out a significant number of individuals within the Democratic Party for “not giving a damn.” That’s the truth, too, and he’s just about had it with how many Dems are sitting idly by while the quality of life deteriorates within so many major cities in America. Many of the cities where the quality of life is dropping are run by Dems, and Rose is painfully aware of that. He has accused them of making their decisions based on what looks good on social media instead of what’s actually good for the citizens.

Rose has said that many of the Democratic leaders care more about the hashtags than about the actual issues. He says that they “scoff” at quality of life because they act like a bunch of intellectual elitists.

It’s a refreshing change of pace to see that even Dems are disgusted by what the Democratic Party is doing. When it comes to De Blasio and his inability to govern New York City properly, Rose isn’t the only one taking note and demanding something better.

Over 160 business executives in NYC signed a letter last week, addressed to De Blasio. They urged him to take “immediate action to restore essential services” throughout the city because they fear that the horrid living conditions will make it harder for the economy to bounce back following the coronavirus lockdowns. After all, tourists don’t want to visit the Big Apple if there are too many homeless in the parks and too many riots in the streets.

The quality of life issue is seen throughout all five boroughs of New York City. The citizens are dealing with public safety issues, cleanliness, and more.

Meanwhile, De Blasio has the nerve to tweet “It’s a beautiful Saturday, New York City. Get out and enjoy it, but don’t forget we’re fighting back against COVID-19.”

Businesses are moving out of New York City. People have demanded that he resign. De Blasio may very well go down in history as the worst mayor that NYC has ever seen. Rose didn’t vote for De Blasio in 2014 or 2017. Now, the question is just how much De Blasio is going to destroy until he finally gets out of office.

De Blasio would rather sit there and enjoy his bird’s eye view of the city while demanding that Trump provide local aid. He’s the epitome of a bad politician, and even the Dems are starting to demand better.


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