Obama Secretly Installed Communistic Principles in America

Obama Secretly Installed Communistic Principles in America

Democrats at every level of government are destroying the United States one piece at a time. They injected law and order with poisonous darts full of regulations and subtle changes designed to chew away at the country’s stability and greatness. If it were not for the Republicans and the way they clean up the mess of liberal administrations, the country would have failed long ago.

Barack Obama is one of the worst offenders of damaging the country. His actions while existing as president destroyed the United States military. This was something that he planned on doing while he was in office. His mission was to weaken the country by secretly removing high ranking officers and replacing them with Democratic sympathizers.

He is also guilty of implementing a dangerous brainwashing system of education with his approval of Executive Order 13583. This order dictates that “government-wide diversity and inclusion training” was to happen by 2020. The so-called training was to instruct people in Marxist theology.

Obama was secretly laying the foundation of a socialist takeover. Something that this generation of liberal politicians have tried to implement for the past four years. They only obstacle that stood in their way was President Trump. It is easy to see why they wanted him removed so early in his tenure as president.

Obama had a way of putting in place people and highly illegal and speculative programs at best. His socialist pick of generals have come out and stated that they were there for a time that would come when there would be a takeover of the federal government. Obama and his liberal worshippers have also seen to it to keep people on welfare and in a state of perpetual need at the government’s hands.

Obama instituted the program that catered to Dreamers and other illegals. This allowed them to stay in the country illegally and abuse the educational and medical systems of the country. All while the taxpayers footed their bill. The liberals of America push the race card so as to divide the country. When the time comes for their secret takeover, there will be no one aware enough to stop them before it happens.

All of the rioters and protesters are crying the liberal ideologies and philosophies of the Democratic Party. The marches are designed to stage takeovers and unseat politicians that refuse to bow to their demands. Portland, Oregon, is a perfect example as the liberal mayor let them take over the downtown area and put it into a state of anarchy. If it were not for President Trump, Portland would have fallen into the hands of terrorists.

The Democrats are extremely vocal with their desire to turn America into a nation fit for socialism. They hate the idea of free enterprise and the American dream. Obama’s regulations in the power and energy sector nearly destroyed coal production and drilling for oil. It would take the actions of a freedom supporting president to turn around the dangerous orders of a Muslim loving and supporting ex-president.

President Trump made it his mission to cut out the decay left behind by outrageous Obama. He took down the liberal judges pushing political lines and reset the country’s face to experience growth on a massive scale. He has taken it upon himself to expand the military and pull the country out of the many wars and conflicts that do not concern the nation. Obama tried to destroy the country, but President Trump fixed the problems and put the nation on the path to greatness.

The Democrats are the real enemy that America faces right now. The slow indoctrination of youth all over the country and the comical actions of liberal leaders continue to hurt the country. The educational leaders of America need to teach and not indoctrinate. There should never be a student that should be told a teacher’s political affiliation. Teachers should educate kids to think through critical issues and present both sides of an issue. President Trump is just the man to take down the dangerous Democratic Party in America. They are corrupt as they are evil.


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