Who Are the Proud Boys and why Would Trump tell Them to Stand by? Here’s all You Need to Know

Antifa is well-known for infiltrating left-wing protests with their own brand of violence and destruction. To these modern-day wannabe Vikings, peaceful demonstrations accomplish nothing. Those things are for wimps.

If this domestic-terrorist group has any type of viable agenda, they’ve not made it clear. The truth be known, they are an unruly gang of politically left-leaning psychopaths with a shared infatuation for violence. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Perhaps not as well known as Antifa, until as of late, are the Proud Boys who lean to the right. The group earned recognition during the first 2020 presidential debate when Joe Biden asked Trump to condemn them. Obviously confused by the request, and knowing little to nothing about who they even were, the President said, “Stand back and stand by.”

The internet instantly lit up to wildfire proportions as the liberal media seized the moment and stopped listening to another word the man had to say. They had enough ammo to blow the statement as far out of proportion as is humanly possible. And they did.

So who are The Proud Boys and where did they suddenly come from? They were founded by Canadian journalist Gavin McInnes, creator of the magazine, “Vice.” They have become particularly known for their attacks, verbal and otherwise, against Muslims, people of color, indigenous people, and women.

In 2001 McInnes relocated to the Big Apple, where after founding his alt-punk magazine, he became a quite vocal political extremist, even having the word “Destruction” tattooed on his back.

What would later become the rallying cry for The Proud Boys was when in a 2003 interview, McInnes said, “I love being white and I think it’s something to be very proud of.”

Previous to this, McInnes had moved the offices of “Vice” to Brooklyn because it was, as he said, in an all-white area of town with no “fucking blacks or Puerto Ricans.” He then added, “In favor of love, diversity, and tolerance? That’s for hippies.” He made it more than evident how he had no tolerance for racial minorities, gays, or transgenders.

McInnes also attacked the women’s movement by comparing “no means no” to puritanism. A woman’s place is to submit.

Once McInnes dumped his magazine he began freelancing for radical right-wing media sites, including The Rebel Media, a publication run by one of Canada’s most radical journalists, Ezra Levant.

The Conservative Party of Canada, of which McInnes was a member, cut ties with him after his writing began to include anti-semitic statements. This led to his founding of Taki’s Magazine, a supremacist publication that served as the Proud Boy’s founding principles.

The Proud Boys became a men’s only club in which the members “refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.” Within the club, there are three separate levels of membership.

Level one is to simply say you’re one of them. This is all it takes. Level two is to take a vow not to masturbate, and to be hit while you recall the names of five cereal brands. For this, we have no explanation. The third level is to get a Proud Boys tattoo.

As strange as these requirements sound, the FBI has designated the all guy club as “an extremist group with ties to white nationalism.” The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has labeled them a hate group.

Though the Proud Boys remain strong in Canada, their more recent appearances in the U.S. have proven them a force to be reckoned with. The Proud Boys demonstrated their love for violence in Charlottesville in 2017 where an anti-fascist was killed in a scuffle with demonstrators.

Also in 2017, McIness put out the word that violence is always recommended because  “it’s a really effective way to solve problems.”

The Proud Boys are not heroes who are standing up for what is right. They are a group of racist hate-filled men looking for any opportunity where violence might fit in nicely.

To think President Trump would endorse such a group is beyond the comprehension of mere mortal humans. He most certainly did not, and his statement was in no way some secret message alerting the boys club to gear up for battle.

Trump was caught off guard, and put on the spot, concerning a radical group he has little knowledge of. It was an unfair attack, and it was more than likely planned in advance by Biden, and debate moderator, Chris Wallace.


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