Pelosi’s Focus: Radical Policies Instead of Offering Aid

It’s disgusting when the Speaker of the House has so much hatred for the president that she’ll make citizens struggle to avoid making a deal. She has no desire to work with Trump on a bipartisan coronavirus aid package.

Pelosi isn’t an idiot – she knows small businesses and employees are suffering because of the effects of the pandemic. She is, however, selfish. She’d rather throw in her own radical political agenda into the package that has nothing to do with coronavirus aid. Why? She wants to get her way and doesn’t really care about helping the American people along the way.

The problem is that people are onto her. A number of Republican congressional candidates and even Representative Ted Budd (R-NC) have come forward to say that Pelosi would rather watch the demise of the country than to work with Trump on anything beneficial.

Yvette Herrell, a GOP candidate for the New Mexico’s second congressional district, is hoping to unseat Representative Xochitl Torres Small. Herrell explains how Small rallies with Pelosi against all of the administrative policies that Trump sets up. She says that Small tries to be a conservative Democrat, but when she’s working against all that could help the American people “we just can’t have that.”

Pelosi’s selfishness continues to be problematic in the House. Her priorities are not in the interest of the American people. Representative Budd comments that the coronavirus aid packages are being squabbled over. Meanwhile, Pelosi is choosing to hold votes to condemn QAnon instead of working with Trump to denounce Antifa and Black Lives Matter. While both are worthy of being condemned, Antifa and BLM take priority because of the significant damage they’re doing across the country. Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and many other Dem-led cities are being torn apart by these hate groups. However, Pelosi refuses to vote to condemn them because Trump wants to condemn them.

Meanwhile, within the coronavirus bills, Pelosi wants to use them as a way to add ridiculous items – like stimulus payments for illegal immigrants. As Budd says, “Like giving money to illegals, why would you ever want to put something like that in a coronavirus bill?” She would rather give the American people nothing than at least something that will tide them over. The only way that the country will see any new financial aid is with a new stimulus package. The problem is that Pelosi refuses to compromise.

Too many Dems are following Pelosi’s lead. Representative Ron Kind (D-WI) has voted twice to provide stimulus payments to illegal immigrants. Derrick Van Orden, a candidate looking to unseat Kind, has slammed the Representative for voting in such a way that it rewards those who are in the country illegally.

The focus should be on the American people – the hardworking men and women who are in the country legally. People like Kind and Small are pegs in the Pelosi power base – and it’s important to unseat them so that the GOP can prevail. It’s the only way that the American people will get what they need once and for all.

Van Orden has already taken measures to get the votes over Kind, including endorsements from 13 sheriffs. That was easy considering Kind was responsible for cosponsoring the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act that would open law enforcement to too much liability while doing their job to maintain law and order.

Perhaps Van Orden says it best by saying that “It’s unacceptable that these are people are trying to put political expediency of the benefit of Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat party above the public safety of the people in Wisconsin. It is unacceptable, and that is why we are beating him.”

No one asked for the coronavirus to plague the United States. It was a weapon released by China – and now we as a country have to deal with the aftermath. Now is not the time to play political games, it’s the time to help Americans by passing a bill. Yet, Pelosi is selfish enough to play politics rather than giving Americans what they need. And why? All to spite Trump.


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