Armed Supporters in Wisconsin Attack Businesses and Homes (Video)

Armed Supporters in Wisconsin Attack Businesses and Homes (Video)

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin rioters took to the streets. This is business as usual for most liberal areas of the country. This time around, there was a major difference. Homeowners in the area were also being attacked. This is a clear escalation from what was taking place initially. The homes that were being targeted did not even have any signage that would indicate their political leanings.

This is just plain terrorism at this point and we are about tired of it. Why should people who have nothing to do with what is going on be forced to deal with it? The rioting Biden supporters are using these stories as an excuse to ruin the lives of people who probably agree with their general sentiment. That’s the cruelest irony of all this.

Normal Americans, by and large, were supportive of the protests. People aren’t monsters and when they see injustice, they stand in solidarity with their fellow men. One of the rioters was caught on video with a weapon, brandishing it at those who were willing to stand up for themselves. If we had to ask, there were probably children who were watching all of this go down.

No one deserves this. “No justice, no peace” is one thing but tormenting people who did nothing wrong is another entirely. “Rioters throw rocks at residential homes here in Wauwatosa, smashing windows as others in the crowd plea “That’s somebody’s home!” #Wauwatosa #WauwatosaProtests #WauwatosaRiots #AlvinCole #JosephMensah” tweeted BGOnTheScene.

He’s been providing coverage of the Wisconsin unrest each step of the way. He provided some especially harrowing updates yesterday as well. The image of rocks being thrown into the homes of innocent people, while others beg for them to stop, is stuck in our heads on an infinite loop. This is what happens when liberal leadership is unwilling to do what is right.

They have allowed the riots to go on for far too long. These cities have even refused the help that President Donald Trump was willing to provide. Brandon is not the only one who is offering updates that are terrifying to anyone who resides in this area. “Some rioters in Wauwatosa, WI are now smashing windows of homes. People in the crowd tried to stop them from targeting homes,” said Julio Rosas.

It’s funny how the mainstream media is steadfastly refusing to cover these riots. If they had the chance to blame the problems on conservative thinkers, they would have been all over it by now. The tweets that Rosas of Town Hall had to share were tough to read, quite frankly. Our hearts are with all of the folks who are currently suffering in Wisconsin, at the hands of their own countrymen.

“As the BLM crowd was marching through the neighborhoods of Wauwatosa, one man came out to tell people to get off of his property, telling them there are people who most likely support BLM. One guy drove on his yard with a motorcycle,” said Rosas. These are images that you would expect to see in some sort of insane movie, not real life.

Unfortunately, this is the way of the world now. Anyone who feels differently gets shouted down before they can offer a nuanced opinion. You are either with the rioters or against them. If you are not all about these “peaceful protests”, you are called a racist before you have even had a chance to finish the thought. We wish that things were different but alas….

This is where we are as a culture now and there’s not much that can be done at the moment. Perhaps once the election season has had the chance to come and go, we can return to something resembling normality. Those of us who are actually willing to go along with the normal rules that allow us to live in a society of law and order will just have to wait patiently until then, it seems.


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