Seattle Art Teacher Lectures on the White Supremacy of Art History

Seattle Art Teacher Lectures on the White Supremacy of Art History

When are teachers in Dem-led cities going to realize that they can’t push their liberal thoughts on innocent students? One art teacher in Seattle not only lectured on racism and white supremacy but was caught on camera while doing it.

At Seward School in Seattle, Suzanne Wakefield taught her eighth-grade class about not only how the concept of peace is racist but also how President Trump is divisive. She went on to explain that some of her own art projects are racist because they have been derived from white privilege.

The problem, according to Wakefield, is that art history comes from a ‘white supremacist’ point of view that is European and euro-centric. As she rambles on, a student decided to record the lecture during a Zoom session.

Nothing that Wakefield says seems to make sense. She believes that Trump (the same president who was just nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize) is standing in the way of world peace. But peace is racist. And, then she asks her students to create a drawing that incorporates the theme of peace.

What in the world is this woman thinking? In an effort to be “woke,” it seems that she’s willing to regurgitate each and every liberal theory she’s ever heard – whether they make sense together or not.

So, the art teacher assigns a project knowing that there may be a racial perspective. She also goes on to tell the class that peace cannot exist when there are injustice and inequality also happening. Through all of her rambling, it seems that she comes to her own conclusion that peace may be a racist concept.

This is far beyond what an art teacher should be lecturing about, especially at an eighth-grade level. Most of these students likely have no idea what she’s talking about. Though, the student who chose to record the lecture likely showed his parents to ensure that it made it in front of the masses.

The art teacher explains that her perspective is from white privilege. Does this mean that she has led a life of privilege? Not necessarily. She’s been exposed to so much liberal trash that she believes she has to apologize for being a white person – and she’s “trying to un-condition myself.”

Every student in the class just wanted to know what the assignment was. Rather than being told how to take the pen and ink to paper, they were lectured on the extremist left and how their art teacher thinks that peace is racist.

As for direction, students were likely lost by the time that Wakefield said, “if you believe in peace, it could mean lots of different things.” This is a heavy topic for eighth-graders to contemplate.

Not a single student dared to interrupt. They let their deranged art teacher rattle on as she talked about art history coming from a white supremacist point of view and how the country is divided and it’s because of Trump and that he’s not an advocate for “unity like Obama was.” There it is. Right there. This whole lecture was to make sure that she was able to take aim at President Trump. Only, she wrapped it up in a nice art-shaped package to make it seem like it was part of her lecture on the art assignment. Since the video was recorded, plenty of parents likely had something to say about the lesson that was taught that day.

Perhaps the only thing that was taught was that the teacher may not only be a liberal with the inability to inarticulate her thoughts but she may also need a drug test. Wakefield asks the students if they know the song “Imagine” by John Lennon. No one responds. She proceeds to share some of the lyrics.

Every student in that class just wanted to learn about art. Instead, they learned that their art teacher was a left-leaning lunatic.


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