The Sky Is Falling: CNN Pushes Pelosi on Her Failure to Pass Stimulus Relief

The Sky Is Falling: CNN Pushes Pelosi on Her Failure to Pass Stimulus Relief

This a long clip but trust us, it is well worth your time. We carved out the time to watch it and it was great. You are definitely going to want to watch until the very end. Those who do watch the clip until it is over are going to have the chance to witness something that is totally without precedent. We could barely believe our eyes when we got the chance to see it.

Anyone who is tired of watching Republicans get mistreated by the media on a regular basis will definitely want to see this one. It’s nice to see a Democrat get the same kind of treatment that they force everyone else to grapple with on a constant basis. Nancy Pelosi is finally being taken to task for all of the bull crap that she can’t stop spewing.

To her credit, she was able to smile and maintain her composure. Anyone who has watched her speeches in the past knows that she is absolutely fuming underneath the smiling exterior. The stimulus standoff that is currently taking place right now has nothing to do with the actual plan and everything to do with Pelosi’s usual grandstanding nonsense.

She cannot wait to tell the world that she had a stimulus plan that would have been great but mean old Trump messed it up for us. Blitzer is not about to accept her stupid explanations any longer and that’s what has us laughing. Pelosi may have thought that no one would be willing to tell her what’s what. Blitzer is not about to fall for the same old cons.

Pelosi’s days of being able to lie to the mainstream media outlets would seem to be numbered. Even they are tired of it at this point. We never thought that we would see the day but not a moment too soon. Blitzer isn’t even that polite about it, which is also somewhat of a shock. When he asks her how she can possibly live with herself right now, her answer is very telling.

“What makes me amused, if it weren’t so sad,” she claims, “is how you all think that you know more about the suffering of the American people than those of us who are elected by them to represent them at that table.” That is rich coming from her! She’s basically saying the same stuff that Ted Cruz would say but for once, there is someone on CNN that is willing to challenge it.

If we didn’t know any better, we would swear that she was about to launch into a rant about the fake news media and how they are so unfair to her. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. To be perfectly honest, Blitzer was not even all that rough on her. This man could have twisted the knife much harder than he did but he let off slightly easy. It’s still progress from this channel, we suppose.

Blitzer should have come right out and said what we are all thinking. Pelosi does not want an agreement because it does not exactly help Joe Biden’s cause. This provides Trump with one last chance to win over some people who may be undecided as well. How anyone could possibly be undecided at this point is beyond our comprehension. Everyone should have already drawn their proverbial lines in the sand by now, you would think. Who knows, though?

Pelosi is certainly not doing her party any favors when she can’t get through a CNN interview without having a near meltdown. The Democrats are facing zero political risks here and shouldn’t have any problem coming to a deal. There’s no real precedent here so this is all speculation on our part. 2020 is something else, though. Wolf Blitzer politely eating Nancy Pelosi’s lunch on live television is something we never expected to see, not in six lifetimes. Let’s enjoy the moment, shall we?


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