Harris is Useless, Takes Time Off Because of COVID Positive Staffers

Harris is Useless, Takes Time Off Because of COVID Positive Staffers

If Kamala Harris is going to skirt out of her duties now, how does she plan on being the Vice President of the United States? Someone needs to explain to her that it’s time to suck it up and get the job done.

A few staff members on the campaign have tested positive for COVID. She hasn’t, but a few staff members have. So, to be cautious, she’s canceled a few of her trips. It’s a pandemic. People are going to test positive. Life goes on.

There’s such thing as being cautious and, then, there’s Kamala. She’s being unreasonable. She’s being a complete germophobe. And it’s not helping her look any better in the eyes of the people. Especially when Trump is out there hitting four cities in four days – and that’s after he’s already recovered from testing positive from COVID.

This is, of course, the same woman that stood on the VP debate stage and said that she would take a vaccine if Dr. Fauci told her to but wouldn’t take it if President Trump told her to. Clearly, common sense went out the window a long time ago. She acts as if Trump is mixing up vaccine cocktails in the basement of the White House.

The statement made by the Biden campaign doesn’t even begin to help her case. She was not in close contact with either of the individuals. Instead, the campaign is maintaining that they are taking the “highest levels of precaution. Instead, they are going to maintain a “robust and aggressive schedule of virtual campaign activities.”

Virtual campaign activities, however, only hit some of the voters. The FCC has estimated that approximately 19 million people or 6 percent of the population are without the internet. In rural areas, this could be closer to one-fourth of the population.

By choosing to be virtual-only, the Biden campaign is making a grave error. They’re not getting to all of their voters. They’re not even trying to, at this point.

The Biden campaign simply likes to point fingers and claim that Trump’s campaign is responsible for “Super spreader” events. The best comeback, of course, is from Trump’s first presidential debate when he shot back that it’s because the Biden campaign can’t get the same level of attendance. And why should they?

Democratic supporters aren’t coming out to the events because they don’t want to hear Biden’s incomprehensible mumblings and learn that Harris has decided not to show.

As for the Trump events being “super spreader,” there haven’t been massive outbreaks of COVID following his events. People are being cautious – that’s more than can be said for Harris’ communications director who apparently managed to contract the virus.

The reality is that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and an election year. The CDC recommends washing hands, using sanitizer, and keeping six feet away from people. As long as that’s being done, there’s no reason why life can’t go on. But Kamala Harris doesn’t understand how to give the American people what they want. They want a physical presence.

Joe Biden’s already spent most of the election year hiding in his basement. The hope was that his VP candidate wouldn’t do the same thing. In typical Democratic fashion, she’s just as much of a let down as finding out that Biden was the last presidential candidate standing for the Democratic Party.

The Dems cling to their polls to show that they’re in the lead. They’re so arrogant that they believe that they can cancel all of their in-person events and still win. The polls showed Clinton in the lead in 2016, too, and we know how that played out.

Some people aren’t online. They don’t want their politics delivered to them via social media. It seems that only Trump understands that. He’s a man of the people.

Let’s hope that Trump/Pence wins. We need an administration that knows it’s important to visit with the American people. Kamala Harris has only proven that she’s just as ineffective as Joe Biden, and that’s not what America needs right now.


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