Jake Tapper Swiftly Ended Lara Trump Interview After Staggering Biden Remarks

Jake Tapper Swiftly Ended Lara Trump Interview After Staggering Biden Remarks

Liberal media personalities everywhere are dodging any and all questions that relate to Biden’s health and his involvement in Hunter Biden’s corruption. Joe Biden avoids these questions because he knows that he is guilty of illegal activity. He wants to try and keep his nose clean so that he can stay out of prison. The American people do not deserve to live under the rule of a corrupt politician like Joe Biden.

Fake news CNN reporter Jake Tapper pulled the plug on his news report early after Lara Trump started making truthful comments about Joe Biden. Lara Trump serves as an adviser to President Trump and his reelection campaign. Her remarks about Joe Biden upset Tapper enough that he got angry and ended up stopping the interview.

The Democrats cannot face the truth about their dementia patient candidate. Biden is losing his mind. His speech is slurred continuously, and he cannot remember facts that happened a few hours earlier. At some point, he will be removed from office and be replaced with the devil queen herself, Kamala Harris.

Nancy Pelosi is already trying to set up a committee that would have the power to remove a sitting president. Her goal is to remove Biden and slide Harris to the top. Pelosi then would slide to the vice president position. The Democrats grab for power removes people that get in their way. Biden is in real trouble with his party.

Tapper brought the subject first. He questioned Lara Trump about her comments made earlier in the year over Biden’s stutter. Tapper maintains that Biden was stuttering to make a boy in the crowd feel good about his stutter. But the moment was a political stunt that had the purpose of making the Democrats look like they care about kids.

Tapper attacked Lara Trump by playing a clip of the moment and worked hard to trap her in her words. Tapper muttered, “How do you think it makes little kids with stutters feel when they see you make a comment like that?” This is not even a fair question. If he were asked this kind of problem, he would have yelled at the reporter for attacking him personally.

Lara Trump’s answer was right on the mark as she fired back that “First and foremost, I had no idea that Joe Biden ever suffered from a stutter. I think what we see on stage with Joe Biden, Jake, is very clearly a cognitive decline.”

Tapper knew at that moment that he lost the fight. He interrupted her and said, “I think you were mocking his stutter.” At this point, no one cares what he thinks because his mind was already made up. His attempt to trash Lara Trump’s credibility was in ruins.

Trump’s words that she spoke that Tapper was attacking was, “Every time he comes on stage or they turn to him, I’m like, ‘Joe, can you get it out? Let’s get the words out, Joe.’ You kinda feel bad for him.” She was not making fun of him, or the childlike Tapper was trying to tell everyone.

Tapper moved on to try and show that she was not qualified to say such words by stating that she had no right to “diagnose someone’s cognitive decline.” But that is precisely what he was doing to Trump. He was questioning and twisting her words to mean something that they were never intended to mean.

Tapper then attacked the Trump family. “I would think that somebody in the Trump family would be more sensitive to people who do not have medical licenses diagnosing politicians from afar. Plenty of people have diagnosed your father (in-law) from afar. And I’m sure it offends you.” And yet here he is doing precisely what he is accusing the Trump family of doing.

Tapper knew he had lost the conversation and was angry that his attack on Lara Trump had failed. Democrats are sore losers. They think they can attack people and get away with it. But when they are called out on the issue, they get mad. They get so crazy that they are willing to claim up and attack the other person physically. The only reason Tapper could not attack Trump is that she was in another location.


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