Hunter Biden Bombshell: Ratcliff Confirms It Is Not Russian Disinformation

Hunter Biden Bombshell: Ratcliff Confirms It Is Not Russian Disinformation

DNI John Ratcliffe offered some interesting commentary on the Hunter Biden laptop drama. His statement is an intriguing one, for a lot of reasons. You are going to have to read between the lines here. What he said is not nearly as important as what he did not say. Adam Schiff has already claimed that the laptop is part of a misinformation campaign that has been launched by the Russians.

The opposite is true, though. Ratcliffe says that this viewpoint is news to him. We expected that from the Democrats, though, so no harm done. He told Fox’s Maria Bartiromo that there has been no discussion within the intelligence community about this particular topic. Schiff was also taken to task by Ratcliffe for making all sorts of false claims.

Intelligence estimates like these are not supposed to be politicized. Schiff is the exact sort of person that Ratcliffe is looking to stop. He knows that Shifty Schiff will stop at nothing to pin this whole thing on “misinformation”. This is why Ratcliffe took the job in the first place. He’s just as tired of the lies as we are.

Ratcliffe does not directly challenge the authenticity, though. He says that this is FBI jurisdiction and was certain to note the lack of intelligence agencies in this organization. Steve Guest had the scoop. “Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe blasts Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff for leveraging a political narrative. “Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign,” read the tweet he shared with his followers.

The points that he made about jurisdiction were fairly sound, up to a certain point. Under the FISA laws, Hunter Biden is exempt from intelligence gathering unless a warrant has been obtained. The FBI is responsible for these investigations. Let’s say that they find out about Russian disinformation, though.

The Patriot Act has created an environment that allows for this sort of coordination. The intelligence agencies can come together with the FBI to find out more. If the laptop is found to be filled with disinformation, there is a strong possibility that the National Counterintelligence and Security Center may be summoned.

It is also worth noting that Schiff could have received his information from the FBI himself. However, we would like to think that it is fairly unlikely for the FBI to reach any sort of definitive conclusion on this one without taking the time to take to Ratcliffe. Ratcliffe was also not willing to provide any solid answers on the data when he spoke to Baritomo.

Near as we can tell, the only thing that is actually being questioned here by Ratcliffe is Schiff’s take on the intelligence estimates. He is not saying anything about the authenticity of the e-mails in question. If the FBI has yet to share their findings with the intelligence community, this is a smart choice from Ratcliffe.

There are other questions that are now being raised as a result of this investigation. Since the laptop has yet to be brought to any sort of agency that is controlled by Ratcliffe, they must not be overly concerned about the contents. This makes us wonder what this was all for in the first place. The laptop has been in their possession for at least a year now.

The FBI should have been informing all of the relevant committees before now but they did not. Sen. Ron Johnson and other members of Congress did not find out about the laptop until they were given information from intermediaries. If not for the efforts of the laptop repair services who noticed that something was afoot, this story would have ended up on the back burner like all of the other Biden corruption news.

The Democrats aren’t out of the woods yet, though. The FBI could find that the laptop was used for fraud and this is something that they have jurisdiction over. The left needs to be treading lightly about this one until they have been given the all-clear.


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