Job-Killing Joe Biden Wants to Shut Down the Oil Industry

Job-Killing Joe Biden Wants to Shut Down the Oil Industry

Joe Biden’s answer left the debate moderator’s jaw hanging in astonishment.

During the second presidential debate between President Donald J. Trump and former vice president and hospice patient Joe Biden, liberal NBC moderator Kristen Welker asked Biden what his intentions are for the American oil industry.

Under President Trump, the United States has achieved energy independence for the first time since 1957. The United States energy boom is a result of President Trump’s deregulation of the oil industry and the increase in fracking, the latter of which is a key industry in important swing states that are critical to the 2020 election, including Pennsylvania and Ohio.

So when Joe Biden responded to the moderator’s question by stating that he plans to shut down the oil industry, moderator Welker’s partisan democrat antennae went up and she desperately tried to get Fartbag Joe to walk back his answer. Unfortunately for Deep Sleep Biden, however, President Trump pounced on the opportunity. Here is how the exchange played out:

President Trump: “Would you close down the oil industry?’

Joe Biden: “Transition from the oil industries, yes!”

Moderator Welker: “Uh, why would you do that?”

For those of us who know that Biden’s brain is shot and he is a controlled puppet of the radical left, we weren’t surprised by his answer. Of course, Joe Biden wants to shut down the oil industry and destroy thousands of good-paying jobs for working families in America’s heartland. But as a paid-up member of the DNC, moderator Kristin Welker had a full-blown panic attack when she heard Weak Joe’s answer – because she knew immediately how damaging it was to his election chances.

Sleepy Joe Biden would go on to attempt to clarify his bone-headed position only to further fumble and sputter as the lights dimmed behind his eyes and he trailed off into an incoherent sentence about a playground in Delaware.

Even the Mother of All Fake News, CNN aka Communist News Network, has called Joe Biden out for his lies on the energy industry.

“Fact Check: Biden falsely claims he never opposed fracking” reads one headline from October 23, 2020. This article was in response to another WHOPPER claim Geriatric Joe made during the second presidential debate when he stated that he “never said I oppose fracking” when President Trump pressed him on the issue.

“You said it on tape,” President Trump replied.


The fact is that Joe Biden stated that he would ban fracking in two of the Democratic primary debates. For instance, in 2019 when asked about the future of coal and fracking, Biden said “we would make sure it’s eliminated.”

Without an act of Congress, a president could not outright ban fracking across the United States – but they could substantially impede and restrict fracking and jobs with regulatory and executive actions. And you can bet your bottom dollar that if Joe Biden and the Radical Left Democrats win this election that they will do everything in their power to shut down the energy industry in the U.S., costing Americans thousands of jobs.

In the end, we are only left with two conclusions to draw: Either 1.) Joe Biden is weak, senile, fading, easily manipulated, and simply parroting Radical Left talking points, not unlike a pull-string doll that spouts preloaded catchphrases with each tug of the string.

“Defund the police!”

“Believe in science – but mass riots are OK!”

“Transgender bathrooms!”

“Where am I?”

OR — 2.) The other conclusion is that with the solitary brain cell Old Sleepy Joe Biden has left he actually believes this crap and thinks that shutting down America’s energy industry and costing thousands of American’s their jobs is the right thing to do.

Either way, Joe Biden is bad for American jobs and working families. After 47 years of failure, you’d think Joe Biden would learn by now. We can all do Biden a favor once and for all by rejecting him on November 3.


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