Why Trump Resonates with Black Male Voters

Why Trump Resonates with Black Male Voters

It’s been remarked over the last 50 years or so that Black Americans are typically Democrats. However, according to more recent polls, we are seeing quite a shift, with many moving to the right and committing to vote for the Republican Donald Trump.

So why is that?

To answer that question, we go to a recent conversation between CNN’s Don Lemon and well-known leftist talk show host Charlamagne tha God.

Now, you might at this point want to immediately count me and the rest of this article out, as it will be hinged on the words of someone who, for all intents and purposes, seems to have viewpoints in direct contradiction to most of this publication’s readers.

However, I beg you to hold on and listen.

Unlike most left-leaning politicians or liberal celebrities, Charlamagne is one of the few with who you can actually have a reasonable and adult-like conversation without him going into hysterics or getting offended. While the opposite of most of my political viewpoints, the man actually thinks before he speaks and uses his mind to reason, rather than just argue the typical leftist garbage. And he is quite well versed in American politics, unlike those who just have an opinion and, therefore, think they are.

And this makes most conversations with him rather interesting and engaging, rather than maddening.

His recent discussion with Lemon was no different.

Lemon naturally wanted to know about Charlamagne’s opinion on the upcoming election and the polls that show more Black male voters showing up for Trump and not Biden.

Charlamagne was quick to say that while it might affect the outcome, he definitely didn’t like the “narrative” that Trump would be put back into office by Blacks. However, he did have quite a bit to say about why they might be turning that direction, rather than sticking with the usual Democrat tradition.

He told Lemon, “When it comes to those Black people you see who maybe, you know showing support for Trump, I just think it’s because Trump is actually talking to young, Black male voters, he’s directing ads toward them.”

And he most definitely has a point.

Unlike Joe Biden, who seems to hardly be campaigning at all, Trump has ads of just about every kind out there. And he has made an extra point to focus on groups, like younger Black males, who are typically left out of the conversation.

As Charlamagne says, “They’re a group that never get courted. I mean, Black people don’t get courted either as a whole, but that old Democratic regime speaks to old Black men and they think everyone else in the Black community, the Black family, is just supposed to fall in line. They know Black women are going to show up regardless.”

For far too long, politics, in general, have spoken to the Black community as a whole, if they get spoken to at all. They somehow assume that if their message resonates with one part of the community, the whole group or bloc will simply follow suit.

However, that is far from the truth, especially at this point in time. Sure, the older Black males are still important to speak to, but they aren’t the only ones worth talking to, as Trump has found out. Millions of votes are to be had by conversing with those of a younger generation who aren’t just focused on the polling, freebies, canvassing, and phone banking that seem to be the usual tactics.

Instead, Trump offers a message filled with empowerment and enfranchisement, which is something young Black males have never been presented with by a politician.

Charlamagne rightly says, “Like I said, they speak to older Black men, and they think the rest of us speak the same language. So Trump is targeting young Black males, and promo and marketing – it works!”

He infers that just like the white community is not made up of a single block of voters, neither is their Black counterparts. They are individuals who have different viewpoints and unique outlooks on life. Trump realizes this and has used it to his advantage, just as he has done in the Hispanic community.

And like Charlamagne says, it works.


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