Will ‘Sleeper’ Trump Supporters Get Trump the Reelection America Needs?

Will ‘Sleeper’ Trump Supporters Get Trump the Reelection America Needs?

The Democrats are constantly posting that Biden is ahead in the polls. The left-leaning media will back that up by saying that Biden is ahead by several points in almost every state. According to the liberal media, Biden may even win in states that a Democrat has rarely ever won in, including Texas and Arizona.

That may not be entirely true, however.

Remember that the polls showed Hillary Clinton winning in 2016 – and we all know how that played out. The polls are not accurate. They don’t take into consideration all voters. Ask around. Many people have never been polled to find out who they’re voting for.

There’s a Trump supporter in Wisconsin who believes that there is a large group of “sleeper Trump supporters, saying that it’s close to being a “secret society.” These supporters are silent about their support, but they support Trump, nonetheless.

Why be silent? There are plenty of reasons. Democrats are often violent toward those who have differing opinions. It’s not the “popular” opinion to be a Trump supporter in many areas. Some people choose to support silently – and even when polled, they’ll refuse to answer.

Who a person votes for, for many, is a private issue. It doesn’t need to be openly discussed with neighbors, on social media, or even over the phone when a pollster calls.

The Trump supporter in Wisconsin, Bryce, explains that his neighborhood is diverse. No one talks about their political leanings. However, once he heard that the Dems were talking about packing the court, he put his Trump flag up. Then, slowly, dozens of other pro-Trump flags showed up around his neighborhood.

Many of these are the “sleeper” supporters that he is referring to. The Trump supporters are out there, but they prefer to be a lot more low-key.

This is Trump’s secret weapon – and it was his weapon in 2016, too. Let the polls show that Biden is in the lead. That’s fine. What really matters is what happens on the ballots.

And when Trump wins, it won’t be because of Russian interference. It will be that all of the sleeper cells across the nation will have been activated.

Bryce explains that many Trump supporters are laying low in Wisconsin because of the riots and all of the hate from progressives. He also believes that there is more support and a stronger silent majority than there was in 2016. Too many people sit by and watch what the Dems have done within their cities – and they don’t want that.

No one wants leadership that will sit idly by and watch a city implode. Seattle, Portland, and countless others allowed their cities to be overtaken by progressives. They let the cities get burned and they let innocent businesses get ransacked. And, they turned Trump’s assistance away because they didn’t need it. But, they did. They were just too proud to accept help from Trump. So, they let innocents suffer.

It’s hard to support the Democratic Party when you see actions like that. It’s hard to live in a Democratic state when governors like Gretchen Whitmer or Gavin Newsom are whipping out executive orders left and right like they are dictators, holding the residents’ hostage from living their lives.

Bryce lands his point perfectly by saying “It’s like it’s a secret but when you meet somebody else in the secret society that supports Trump — because you can’t do it publicly or people will rip you.”  Therein lies the problem – people will rip you for supporting Trump – and that’s why the polls are not as accurate as the liberal media claims that they are.

So, we can only hope that there are as many sleeper Trump supporters out there as we believe there to be. It will ensure that we get Trump for another four years instead of whatever socialist Hell Biden plans to deliver.


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