Harris Snubs Parents of Man Killed by an Illegal as She Embraces Letting Illegals Run Free

Harris Snubs Parents of Man Killed by an Illegal as She Embraces Letting Illegals Run Free

The unconstitutional DACA program put into place by dictator Barack Obama is causing more harm than good. It allows illegals to live in the country and drain the country’s greatness without them having to contribute anything in return. It has also served to be the launching platform that Democrats use to snub families forever impacted by the illegals with criminal records but are still allowed to live in America under the Dreamers programs.

Kamala Harris is a huge fan of the Dreamer program. She loves the idea of letting kids remain in the country even though they are not United States citizens. She fully supports letting them come and stay, even when they become adults. She even endorses the one’s that turn into killers and take the lives of people. Such is the case with one family that was forever changed by one of the illegals living in America.

Harris was visited by parents of a child that was killed by an illegal alien that had no right to even be in the country. Parents Sabine Durden and Don Rosenberg stopped by to meet with Nancy Pelosi and decided that they would talk with Harris as they went by her office. But Harris snubbed them as they stepped into the office. Instead of meeting with hurting people, she pushed them back out into the hallway and shut her door.

Kamala Harris does not care about American citizens. All she cares about are the people that are flooding into the country illegally. As a vice president, she would have to serve the people, but she would snub people and welcome outsiders. Outside of her office is a sign that reads, “DREAMers are welcome here.” But nowhere does it welcome Americans to her office.

Durden took a picture of his son and snapped a picture of it by the sign. At first, Harris’s staff welcomed the parents into the office. But once the conversation started, it was clear that Harris was not going to listen to them. Durden stated, “I said, ‘They used to have big dreams until they were killed by illegal aliens.’ I see DREAMers are welcome here; what about nightmares?”

The nightmare is the man that killed his son. He clarified, “I said, ‘We’re living a nightmare because our kids were both killed by illegal aliens.’” Upon hearing his words, the staff did not move and told the parents to get out of the office.

There was no sympathy from Harris’ office. She simply turned her back on hurting people and pushed them away as if to say that it was not her concern. Harris’s cold heart was shown very brightly that day. That same cold approach to America will come with her to the White House if Biden wins.

Durden was shocked at the response. He stated that “She can be at a press conference for DACA recipients, but she can’t meet with a constituent.” Harris’ actions are precisely what she accuses the president of doing. She blasted away that “When I asked, they confessed they’d never met a DREAMer. How can you form such strong opinions about people you’ve never met, people you don’t know, and then allow this population of people to be vilified. It’s not only wrong; it’s irresponsible.”

The answer is simple; the people do not belong in the country. The only thing that can be done is to put them back where they belong. President Trump does not run his life based on feelings alone. He also includes facts and laws to govern how he thinks and decides on a course of action.

Harris runs on feelings alone. She hates any opposition to her feelings on DACA, no matter how others may believe. She pushed the parents out the door because she was not about to change the way she feels.

Durden would say that “Kamala really cares for people, just not American children. It’s so painful to my heart when I see them fake all this compassion that they don’t have for us. To feign this compassion for people when they don’t have it for their own constituents and American citizens who lost their lives so brutally.” President cares about Americans first, just as the president should since he serves the United States people. This is something that Harris has forgotten and will never live up to.


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