Conservative Ben Shapiro Makes Startling Connection Between Biden and Socialism

Conservative Ben Shapiro Makes Startling Connection Between Biden and Socialism

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro caused Americans to pause and consider when he drew a parallel between Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden and what he called a “gateway drug.”

“He’s been campaigning as Captain Return to Normalcy, that I am a return to all things that are good and steady in American life,’” the “Ben Shapiro Show” host told listeners.

“One of the reasons that Donald Trump was elected in the first place was because the old normal was not very good,” Shapiro observed. “It turns out that the old normal, which was filled with corrupt politicians like Joe Biden, was … filled with politicians who were going to basically follow the diktats of the radical left.”

As the election draws closer and the left is doing more and more radical things to convince Americans to vote for them, the question of whether or not continued and unneedful coronavirus precautions are being used to push Americans toward the left, just to give us something to get relief from.

Time and again political candidates have rallied around some sort of ill they could solve, but the growing economy, peace in the Middle East and continued positive experiences for the average American had the left on the ropes trying to find a way to convert the coveted middle 20 percent to blue.

Could that conundrum and today’s manufactured pressure of the coronavirus pandemic be purely coincidental? It could be, but it’s awful convenient (emphasis on the awful).

Thankfully for the left, they have a candidate with an almost five-decade history, rooted in traditional liberal politics that they can point to, saying that they don’t plan to do anything (else) extreme, only what the people want, and clearly, for more than 40 years the people have wanted Biden. However, Shapiro’s point was that thanks to the nature of the job that Biden would be taking over, he also has to make some pretty radical promises to the far left wing of his party, otherwise, he won’t garner enough support in that direction.

“Biden has repeatedly pushed back against Republican efforts to tie him to the party’s progressive wing — even as some Democrats pledge to make radical changes should they win control of the White House and both chambers of Congress,” Fox News reported.

According to Shapiro, what makes Biden’s brand of political promises particularly  “dangerous” is that he has a history of having “switched every position he has ever held on a major issue.”

Obviously while making new judgments based on new information is something that is held in high regard by most, making new political statements based on the potential for new voters, is considered a dark political ploy that makes you tolerable by many and trusted by none.

“The man moves with the wind,” Shapiro warned. ” He is not a principled person in any way, shape, or form.”

The conservative talk show host hit upon something that many Americans are frightened of; electing someone who isn’t beholden to them. If history has taught humans in general anything, it’s that sometimes a person with radical new ideas can leave the nation they lead in dust and smoke. However, with someone with no ideas, who is being puppeted by others, you really have no idea what you’re getting.

Millions of dollars in campaigns are spent to make Americans feel they can not just believe but believe in a particular candidate. If all of that is just a ruse, a feel-good distraction, then what exactly would Americans get with Biden? If he is the spoon full of sugar, what is the medicine?

“This dude is not a bulwark against the radical left,” Shapiro asserted. “He’s not a return to normalcy — he’s a gateway drug to radicalism.”


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