What Trump Supporters Fear Most from a Biden Presidency

There is a lot at stake regarding the future of the nation. Joe Biden and his band of cheaters seeks to upset the election with a ton of fraudulently placed ballots. Their cries of victory are only falling on deaf ears because the fight is far from over.

The rigged election has many people fearful of the future and what it means for their freedoms if Biden is able to weasel his way into the White House. Biden’s policies closely mirror those of the progressive party, which seeks to turn America into another socialist state doomed for destruction.

Biden wants to implement social change on a level that mirrors what Barack Obama did four years ago. His policies hurt the country and caused a lot of division. When President Trump stepped into the White House, he put a stop to the illegal policies. But Biden wants to bring them all back plus some.

Executive orders at the hand of a liberal mad man are dangerous. Biden has the ability to abuse the power of executive order. That power is to be used only in emergencies. Changing policies do not qualify as an emergency.

The American people have the right to succeed. They should have the chance to excel enough to warrant a high paying job, own a home, have a family, and live in a secure country. Biden’s path to that reality takes from hardworking families and gives it all away to slackers that will not get off the couch and get a job.

He seeks to turn America into a welfare state ruled by the White House. Biden believes that when a person is successful, the government needs to limit that success. He maintains that the government has the right to steal the successful person items and give them away to those that are struggling to succeed. Welcome to socialism.

President Trump’s approach is to create an environment where two people can be successful independent of each other. People that work hard have the constitutional right to keep what they own and earn without the fear of losing it to the government.

The American dream lets every person think of a way to be successful and then put that plan into action. There is always the chance of failure, but with that failure comes another chance of being successful. The issue is not about success; instead, it is about how lazy people will get at the hand of a liberal administration.

Every person has a choice to make something for themselves or to lay around and starve. Hard work is what built America, and it will be that same effort that makes the country great. Liberals take hard work out of the equation and replace it with handouts. Material possessions that they stole from people that worked hard for what they have.

The nation fears that Biden and his socialist friends are moving to destroy freedoms and the American dream. No one wants to live in the Biden world. America voted for President Trump, but the Democrats were able to cheat enough to shadow his victory.

Biden’s belief of free handouts for everyone is going to lead to massive inflation. What happened in Venezuela will happen in America. And that is what scares people to death. Inflation is a dangerous thing and will wipe out the economy as it stands today if Biden is open to enacting his policies unchecked.

Biden claims that he will not raise taxes, but that money has to come from somewhere. He is going to tax the rich into destruction, which will lead to a weak middle class, which leads to starvation and destruction.

For the first time since 1970, people are afraid of their wellbeing. Progressive liberals think they have all the answers, but what they have is a plan for destruction.

The best thing that can happen is for the Department of Justice to expose the fraud enough to erase the votes that propelled Biden to victory. The White House belongs to President Trump. The liberals are finished and will lose as the fraud is exposed, and the truth is made known.


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