Voting Software Under More Scrutiny! New Analysis Shows Millions of Votes Switched to Biden by “Software Glitch” in 30 States

Voting Software Under More Scrutiny! New Analysis Shows Millions of Votes Switched to Biden by “Software Glitch” in 30 States

There are numerous events taking place during the 2020 election cycle that has caused conservative voters to raise their eyebrows. Of course, when the mainstream media reports on these issues always refer to the problems as “glitches”. The funny thing about these glitches is that they always seem to work in favor of the Democrats.

If they were actual glitches like the media says, you would be forgiven for thinking that at least one of them should unfold in favor of the GOP. Instead, every single “glitch” seems to be a Democrat victory. Now, we have been able to obtain an unaudited analysis of the data that is currently available. Anyone who is looking for “glitches” and oddities is more than welcome to check this out for themselves.

Some may be familiar with the situation that is unfolding in the state of Wisconsin. Long story short: a “glitch” has produced a swing of 20K votes that has given Biden the lead. If it were corrected, Trump would be able to take the lead back from Biden. Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania are experiencing similar issues.

Apparently, we are not the only ones who are tired of the glitches that are conveniently taking place. One intrepid reader decided to create a site entitled TheDonald.Win and it is designed to put an end to the speculation once and for all. The author even claims to have a full list of all votes that have been shifted from Trump to Biden.

There are also allegations that the Dominion software that has been used to count the votes is flat out erasing Trump ballots. While the author claims that their work is currently verified, we have yet to find any independent proof. That’s why we are claiming that the numbers are not audited as of yet. We do applaud the man for taking the initiative to round up the numbers on his own.

Once he examined the data, it did not take long before he located an instance where votes were shifted from Biden to Trump. As soon as this instance was isolated, he performed an analysis on the entire set. More fraud started to reveal itself, as anyone would have expected. According to the author’s claims, the data is provided by Edison Research.

This is the same data that is used by NBC News, ABC News, CNN, and CBS News, among others. The New York Times website is also said to have used this data when they came up with their calculations. If you would like to learn more about the vote totals and this man’s findings, be sure to take a moment to visit his website. He’s been putting in a lot of man-hours when it comes to the election results.

The overall totals here are astounding. This analysis concluded that at least a half-million votes were transferred from Trump to Biden in an illegal manner. It is also believed that at least 2.8 million votes were deleted. The numbers could rise even more once all of the individual counties have been counted. The questionable transactions that have been taking place need to be addressed.

Voting machines have clearly been tampered with. Anyone who is claiming otherwise at this point is in serious denial. Nobody wanted Joe Biden to win. Did anyone ever see any support for him? It is hard to believe that he was somehow able to steal the presidency but the US House and state legislatures were not going for it. It’s one of the most improbable turns of events that we have seen.

At least there is someone out there who is not about to fall for the same old line of crap. The Democrats may have thought that they were going to get away with this but there is one thing that they did not bank on: Donald Trump running a top-notch campaign. Their corruption is now being exposed.


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