Democrats Stole Laptop and USB Drives Months Before Election

Democrats Stole Laptop and USB Drives Months Before Election

President Trump is right with his fight for election fairness. The Democrats planned for months the path that they were going to cheat with. County by county, they worked behind the scenes to harvest ballots and rig counting software to give their crazy candidate a fighting chance of winning the election. But even with all of their attempts to hide their fraud, stories are coming out that warrants an investigation.

The slimy Democrats are trying their hardest to pull attention away from the devious act that they pulled. The media refuses to report on the matter and tell the truth. Every major media outlet is in on the deception and the lies that took place that night.

President Trump’s efforts to expose the fraud and show that the election process is fair is an uphill battle. The focus on the way voting took place stands in the limelight of everything that is happening now. He is not about to let a crooked man steal the election away from a nation that deserves much better than any Democrat could ever offer.

Pennsylvania is the state that is contested the most. And it is there that a lot of fraud is coming to the surface. The most exciting part of the discovery is not what happened on November 3. But instead what took place weeks before any person went to the polls.

In an election warehouse, it was discovered that several USB drives and a laptop were taken. The equipment was stolen, and many people wonder if those devices had anything to do with what happened as the election night unfolded. There have also been stories of USB drives showing up with tens of thousands of votes for Biden. They were indicating that cheating and fraud were taking place.

Liberals are quick to deny any involvement in the theft. And they claim that those little instances will not a big difference in the grand scheme of things. But those little things add up, and it will be enough to oust Biden to the loser corner in the coming weeks.

The people in charge of the equipment are not making any claims as to any effect from the theft. Questions have come up wondering if the touchscreen devices were affected or if the voting count could have been compromised.

The election commission refuses to admit that the problem is a lot larger than they are letting on. The software was tampered with in such a way that Biden would bet credit for many of the votes for President Trump. These so-called officials do not want to admit their involvement in the crimes committed in the 2020 election.

Eddie Perez is with the OSET Institute. And he stated that “This is supposed to be a secured facility, and apparently neither the county nor the election vendor adequately protected these sensitive assets. Why not?” [….]”

Perez uses a lot of big words to try and throw people off the hunt. He also stated that “It is very, very common that a USB stick has a wealth of information that is related not only to the configuration of the election and its ballot — and the behavior of the voting device — but also internal system data used to validate the election. In principle, someone possessing the information on one of these USBs could disrupt the opening and closing of the devices in polling places. They could disrupt how ballots are displayed on the screen and they could potentially disrupt counting votes on those ballots.”

When his words are dissected, it is evident that if a person wanted to affect the election, they would have to steal a laptop and a few USB drives. They could then manipulate devices to do what they wanted to do.

The weeks before the election, it was also discovered that there was no security guarding the place. The people were able to come right on in and take whatever devices they wanted. They knew what they were doing because somewhere a Democrat told them precisely what they needed to do to keep President Trump from winning.


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