Ilhan Omar…Minnesota’s Favorite Harlot Gets Caught Stealing Campaign Funds

Ilhan Omar…Minnesota’s Favorite Harlot Gets Caught Stealing Campaign Funds

In terms of romance, marriage, and illicit affairs, Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, the outspoken Dem. Rep from Minnesota has woven quite a tangled web.

Numerous claims, which Omar of course denies, have been alleged regarding her marrying her own brother to help him gain U.S. citizenship. But over time the waters have become murky due to her multiple flings and marriages, so if this is indeed the case, she’s been able to keep the records deeply buried.

Omar is the mother of six children. Three are with her first husband, Ahmed Hirsi, who she married in 2002, and the remaining three are with Ahmed Elmi, a British citizen she ran off with seven years later when she kicked Hirsi to the curb, divorcing him and tieing the knot with Elmi.

Here is where things get confusing. In 2017, she divorced her second husband, Elmi, to remarry her first husband, Hirsi. But the couple did not live happily ever after for a second time.

In 2018, Hirsi decided to surprise his two-time bride by showing up at her hotel in Washington D.C. where she was working at the time. But when Hirsi arrived, his queen bee had company.

A guy by the name of Tim Mynett, a campaign worker for Omar during the 2018 midterms, was oohing and awing with his lovely between only the finest of the posh hotels satin sheets. Left with limited available options, Omar divorced her first and third husband to marry her fourth one but only after her fourth one divorced his first one. Take all the time you need.

To add to this chaotic picture, Mynetts now ex-wife said she was certain the two had been going at it like rabbits since he served as Omar’s political consultant when she was still a freshman in Congress. Who knows where Omar’s six children were during all of this?

But you see, Mynett wasn’t hanging campaign posters or making random phone calls to strangers, or Omar would have never looked twice at the guy. He owns a consulting firm. A firm that now faces intense scrutiny, along with Mynett’s wifey-poo, for accepting millions of dollars from Omar’s campaign funds during this past election cycle.

Only because they’ve been caught red-handed did the Omar campaign recently announce that they would sever all existing ties with E Street Group, Mynett’s firm. The announcement stated how this was done to erase all doubt of there ever being any wrongful financial activity.

In a report from the Washington Examiner, Omar’s office issued the following statement. “So we’ve decided to terminate our contract with Tim and Will’s firm. While many of our close supporters know these two well and have recommended we keep them on — I want to make sure that anybody who is supporting our campaign with their time or financial support feels there is no perceived issue with that support.”

During the latest election cycle, Omar’s campaign shelled out $2.8 million to E Street. This is not inclusive of the additional digital advertising expenditures which ran anywhere from $50,000 to $400,000 a pop, depending on how much they could get away with.

And we certainly cannot ignore the $12,000 bi-monthly payment made to the firm for no apparent reason. Then there was the $38,000 for direct mail ads, and the $44,000 paid out for something only labeled as “production.”

All of these figures are on record at the Federal Election Commission so there’s no squirming out of it. So of course, the campaign and the firm have claimed to cut ties.

What happens now is anyone’s guess. E Street will either take the money they’ve already received and run, laughing all the way to the bank, or they’ll create a separate entity and life will continue as usual. Eh… Just another day.

In the meantime, let’s see what Minnesota’s favorite political harlot has up her hijab next. Stay tuned…


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