Ted Cruz and Fellow Republicans Make Twitter and Facebook CEO’s Look Like Controlling Dictators During Senate Hearing

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz trended on Twitter for his verbal roast of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey during a Senate hearing earlier in the week.

Dorsey, along with other social media brass were giving accounts for the way in which they not only filter information but decrease reach and tag as “partial” or “false” reporting on issues.

Cruz and some of his fellow lawmakers put a critical line of questioning of Dorsey concerning whether their practices were in keeping with a neutral fact-based informational stream, as they would have users believe, or if their own left-leaning bias, played into decision making.

Republicans made a strong case for discrimination against conservatives, including President Donald Trump who has now infamously been tagged as giving incomplete or misleading information when sharing his opinions on his personal (not POTUS) Twitter account.

Twitter exploded with support for the Republicans’ efforts as conservatives were able to hear their own concerns aired out in the chambers of congress.

“Wow, @tedcruz just asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to define what a ‘publisher’ is then used his own response to DESTROY his entire argument and expose Twitter’s blatant censorship of conservatives. What a moment,” Dinesh D’Souza tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

“Ted Cruz absolutely just destroyed Jack Dorsey,” wrote @Real_Defender. And Gianno Caldwell added “@tedcruz is taking Twitter to task. I hope y’all are watching.” “Fierce Cruz is on fire and Dorsey is just LOST,” said Allan K Jensen.

Most of the tweets were in support of the exchange between Cruz and Dorsey where the Texan read statements made by Carter Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform where Dorsey was asked if he’d flag certain tweets.

“Mr. Dorsey, would the following statement violate Twitter’s policies: Quote ‘Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud’?” Cruz demanded.

“I imagine that we would label it so people can have more context,” Dorsey replied.

“How about this quote … voter fraud is particularly possible where quote ‘third-party organizations, candidates and political party activists’ are involved in quote ‘handling absentee ballots.’ Would you flag that as potentially misleading?” Cruz continued.

“I don’t know the specifics of how we might enforce that, but I imagine a lot of these would have a label pointing people to a bigger conversation,” Dorsey returned.

“Well, you’re right you would label them because you’ve taken the political position right now that voter fraud doesn’t exist. I would note both of those quotes come from the Carter Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform, that is Democratic President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker,” Cruz thundered.

“Twitter’s position is essentially voter fraud does not exist. Are you aware that just two weeks ago in the state of Texas, a woman was charged with 134 counts of election fraud. Are you aware of that?” Cruz continued.

“I’m not aware of that,” Dorsey said in a seemingly intentionally flat tone.

The point that Cruz appeared to be making was that Twitter is flagging content in such a way that it makes those who are less informed on the issue, doubt it’s validity. The platform is attempting to give off an air if concerned neutrality like a company that is just looking out for the best of their customers. While they might be looking out for what they think is the best for their users, they are in reality screwing things harshly to the left.

Twitter, and several other social networks, has proven over and over again that while they claim to be just looking to be accurate, they’re actually filtering, suppressing, and undercutting anything that is right of center and therefore making it appear that the left is stronger, more accurate and a better choice for those undecided.

So, if you want someone in Silicon Valley to think for you and make decisions based on their likely charmed and tech-based life, then carry on. But if not, thank your representative for pointing out the bias (well, that’s if you’re from Texas – If not, thank my representative).


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