Newsom Falls on His Face as He is Exposed for Ignorance

Newsom Falls on His Face as He is Exposed for Ignorance

Gavin Newsom is the nation’s favorite governor to hate as he continues to issue unlawful orders while defying them himself. He is not the expected protector of California that everyone thought he was going to be. Instead, he is the ruthless dictator that people want to get rid of before he can do any more damage to the great of California.

The liberals are content to run the areas they control into the ground. High crime and high taxes are the marks of their legacy. And now that things are getting spoiled because of the progressive movement, they are hoping to ramp things up even more.

Newsom issued another lockdown order that is supposed to start on Saturday and go for another month. The hurting state is already at its breaking point. But this will crack the surface enough to send the state into a realm of destruction.

There are thousands of families leaving the state and moving into the neighboring states because they can no longer afford the threats that Newsom is issuing. He wants to strangle the people because he believes COVID-19 is a real threat even though there is an extremely high recovery rate.

The nuisance governor has already destroyed Thanksgiving, and now it looks like Christmas is in the crosshairs. He blurted out that “Non-essential work and gatherings must stop from 10 pm-5 am in counties in the purple tier.” In other words, if a person is not in an approved zone, they have to stay home and starve.

But that is not even the worst of the problem. He gets to go about his life like there is no virus around. He believes that his rules do not have to apply to him.

His lockdown order makes absolutely no sense at all. He stated that his lockdown is not different from the one he issued in March. But the lockdown only applies during the night. All he did was tell the people to go to bed and resume their activities in the morning.

Gavin Newsom was discovered to be already violating the other insane orders when he was found to be eating with no mask on. He was also sitting very closely with others like it was no big deal. He is not the first Democrat to be found violating their own rules. But it really causes people to question the fear that they are pushing because of the virus.

Forty-one different counties are under the Newsom threat. He stated that “The virus is spreading at a pace we haven’t seen since the start of this pandemic and the next several days and weeks will be critical to stopping the surge. We are sounding the alarm.” In other words, he is trying to claim that it worse now than it was back in earlier parts of the year.

He continued to lie by saying, “It is crucial that we act to decrease transmission and slow hospitalizations before the death count surges. We’ve done it before and we must do it again.”

This time around, the order allows Hollywood brats to be classified as essential. Newsom has the support of liberal toddlers, so he pays them back by not locking them down. They are free to come and go as they with because of their support.

The exemption for entertainment people was buried in the order. Still, it reads, “Workers supporting the entertainment industries, studios, and other related establishments, provided they follow covid-19 public health guidance around physical distancing.”

If the virus is so nasty that millions are going to die, there is certainly no reason why actors need to be out running around passing the virus onto other people. The lousy Democrats are pulling the biggest scam on the American people, and it is time for them to answer for their lies.

Newsom is going to find out that the people are going to revolt and stop listening to his stupid orders. They will revolt and overthrow their socialist masters if there is no equal application of the rules to every person, including the governor.


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