Leftwing Lunacy! George Floyd Will Be Included in Holocaust Museum

Leftwing Lunacy! George Floyd Will Be Included in Holocaust Museum

A Holocaust museum in the state of Florida has made a decision that is sure to cause a bit of controversy in the months and years to come. They are including someone in their museum who does not have any connection to the actual Holocaust. The city of Maitland’s remembrance of this horrific event that cost millions of Jewish citizens their lives took a shocking turn this month.

Some may already be aware of what has taken place here. “A new exhibit at the Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center…features powerful and inspiring photos taken in the wake of George Floyd’s death,” reads the report from Orlando station WKMG. The news outlet took time out to remember the awful tragedy that took place earlier this year as well.

“Floyd, a Black man, was killed on May 25 when a white officer spent more than eight minutes with his knee pinned to Floyd’s neck in Minneapolis after Floyd reportedly used counterfeit cash to buy cigarettes from a convenience store,” WKMG recalls. Assistant Executive Director Lisa Bachman spoke to News 6 about the matter.

She is praising the power of the installation. “You don’t just see this exhibit. You feel it. The expressions and thoughts of each person photographed tell a story that has a very universal message. It is one that can heal and bring us together. It shows us we are not alone in our thinking,” Bachman told reporters.

The exhibit provides visitors with the chance to look at 45 different images of people responding to the news of Floyd’s death. A news release was also provided before the exhibit was released. “The world is complex. Historical wounds are deep. In all the heated rhetoric of the day, we forget to listen. I hope that through these stories and these faces, you can understand the events of our day in a new way.”

I hope you can challenge some of your own preconceptions and I hope you can see the humanity of each and every person. When I photograph a person—no matter who they are—I strive to leave a simple message: I see you. I hear you. And you matter,” says photographer John Noltner. It’s a personal matter for John, too.

“When George Floyd was killed that happened 11.6 miles north of my house and I knew with the piece of my mind’s goal being to hear voices that aren’t always heard as well as they should be. I knew that I wanted to go to that site,” Noltner continued. The inclusion in this museum is personal for other folks, though.

“George Floyd is added to a Holocaust museum? That trivializes and distorts the Holocaust and its six million Jewish victims. And it grotesquely implies that American police are Nazis,” says Count Rebel News’ Ezra Levant. “A Holocaust museum added a George Floyd exhibit because we live in a world of idiots where words no longer have meaning,” said radio host Dan O’Donnell.

He took a tougher approach to the decision and that’s easy to understand. There were mixed reactions across the board and we cannot recall the last time that one incident like this one had such a powerful effect. Antifa riots, a movement to strip the police of their funding, looting, and chaos have all resulted from one viral video. This world is full of tragic events. Why should anyone have this type of precedence?

“We have produced this so that people can come and look these individuals in the eye. So you come face to face with people, so you can really experience the feelings that they were feeling,” Bachman said in a follow-up statement. Many believe that the George Floyd tragedy has been politicized by the leftists of America and with stories like this one coming to the forefront? It is getting harder and harder for any sane American to act as if this is not the case.


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