Who Will Carry the Republican Ball If the Dems Succeed in Stealing the Election?…Here’s the Playing Field

Who Will Carry the Republican Ball If the Dems Succeed in Stealing the Election?…Here’s the Playing Field

Fasten your seatbelts as the next couple of months lead America down some heavily potholed streets. With the 2020 election results remaining under scrutiny as investigations continue into the Democrat’s fraudulent behavior, we’ve only experienced the beginning of what is destined to escalate when the findings are uncovered, which they will be.

But let’s assume for one moment the liberals are successful with their unconstitutional theft of the election. For the sake of fun, let’s say the Trumps pack up and retire to Florida. What would happen to the Republican party without the Don at the helm? Who would step up to keep the dream alive?

Rest assured, the party of Abe will not tuck its tail and scamper off like a dejected pup. This would not be who they are and what they represent. So let’s have a look at who might be stepping to the forefront.

Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas immediately comes to mind. The guy chews roofing nails for breakfast and has shown us time and time again how he never hesitates to say what’s on his mind. Look for Cotton to springboard into the action, guns ablaze.

Then there is Sen. Josh Hawley of the “show me” state of Missouri who is even more stubborn than the territory he represents. This guy has a habit of staring liberals straight in the eyes as he backs them in a corner, all the while chuckling as they visibly meltdown. “I’ll get you my pretty’s.”

This brings us to one of every Republican’s favorite kiddos, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio. Jordan holds nothing back. He can be meaner than a junkyard dog, but only when he gets riled up which is fairly often these days. Jordan proved he’s got the stuff during the Dems fake Russian collusion fiasco. Jordan’s performance was masterful.

Retired Congressman Trey Gowdy has been screaming from the wilderness as of late, and as such, has gained a great deal of favorability among his conservative colleagues. Gowdy is as sharp as a razor and won’t take guff from anyone. He just might be seen hanging around his favorite D.C. haunts more often. We can only hope.

Former South Carolina Gov. and the U.S. representative to the UN for a two-year stint, Nikki Haley wields a tremendous amount of credibility. She speaks directly yet eloquently, she’s amazingly well-versed in current world affairs, and she commands attention. Haley is quite capable of igniting sparks among particular voting groups. America’s first female president?

Three more heavy-hitters who have climbed the ranks of the Republican party are Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, and Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee. All three have proven their inept and hardened abilities to effectively lead during these tumultuously political times so keep an eye out.

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky has generated a lot of interest as of late so look to see more of him. Now, this may come as somewhat of a surprise though it shouldn’t, but what two fellas are more politically versed than Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity? Hannity is Trump’s BFF. They run down the same identical track. Can you imagine the two newscasters on the same ticket? Did you just get goosebumps?

In saving the best for last, two names have not as yet been mentioned. John Adams was America’s second president. His son, John Quincy Adams was the sixth. George H.W. Bush was the 41st president, while his son, George W. Bush, became #43.

The unanswered question is whether or not Don Jr. or his sister Ivanka would remain active in the political realm, and all indicators say they would. The possibility should at least be given consideration. We mean… Who better?

So we will gladly hang with the hope of being able to scream Trump 2024 from the rooftops when the time arrives, we’re just not certain which one of them we’ll be rooting for. But, would it matter?

In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to watch who the new rising stars of the Republican party will be. Whoever rises to the top, you can bet the Dems will have their hands full as the last four years of their obstructionist malarkey gets tossed straight back in their smug liberal faces.


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