Cuomo Eats His Words After He Was Forced to Cancel His Thanksgiving Dinner

Cuomo Eats His Words After He Was Forced to Cancel His Thanksgiving Dinner

Poor Andrew Cuomo is facing reality after imposing another series of lockdowns and ridiculous restrictions on New York residents. Millions of people have come to grips with the reality that they will not be able to spend the holidays with family and friends because of the scared Democrats making up rules that only hurt instead of helping people.

Cuomo is acting like people should pay attention to his predicament. He stated that he would not be able to see his mother and two daughters for Thanksgiving. It only seems right that he should obey his own advice when he told everyone to “stay away” from their loved ones this year.

Cuomo acts like he is the only one going through the hard times this year. For months he has been able to dodge much of the restrictions that he imposed on everyone else. But now, it finally caught up with him.

The nasty governor stated that he had plans to have his mother and daughters join him for dinner on Thanksgiving. He stated, “The current plan is my mom is going to come up and two of my girls, (that’s) the current plan. But the plans change, but that’s my plan. But I’m going to work — I have a lot of work to do between now and Thanksgiving.”

But that did not go over well with the millions of people that he just shafted with his new set of COVID-19 rules. The people spoke up and told Cuomo that what is good for them is good for him.

What is really bothersome about this moment is that Cuomo is going to lie to his mother. Richard Azzopardi is Cuomo’s spokesman. He states that “given the current circumstances with COVID, he will have to work through Thanksgiving and will not be seeing them. Don’t tell his mom — she doesn’t know yet,”

Cuomo is planning on telling her that he has to work through the holiday. He has no problem lying to his mother. And if he has no problem lying to his mother, he has no issue lying to the rest of the state of New York.

For two weeks, Cuomo blasted New Yorkers and demanded that they all stay home. But he goes off and makes plans to have all his family over to his house. Cuomo went on to say, “It’s your family, it’s your home, it’s your table, these are all environments where you feel safe and that is the beauty of Thanksgiving. Your safe zone, it’s not a safe zone. Your safe zone is dangerous this year.”

He spouted off poisonous words and tried to dictate the law inside of personal home life. That did not go over well. And now he has to sit alone in a dark house with no one to spend the day with—a fitting end to a man that believes that the rules do not apply to him.

Cuomo must not love his mother or daughters because he invited them to his home. He went on to say, “Please- love is sometimes doing what’s hard. This year, if you love someone, it is smarter and better to stay away. As hard as that is to say, and hear because if I had to predict, you’re going to see a significant spike post-Thanksgiving.”

These words of hate come from the mouth of a man who deliberately killed thousands of elderly people by exposing them to the virus earlier this year. But when Cuomo hates his own family, he is willing to invite them to his home.

Christopher Ingraham from the Washington Post really dug into the monstrous governor by stating, “Un-freaking-believable. Now more than ever, people are looking to elected leaders for signals on how to mitigate risk. Is it any wonder so many aren’t following health guidelines? And this is the allegedly pro-science party!”

And the backlash just mounts from there. People are sick and tired of the liberal Democrats thinking that they are above the law. They are sick of their leaders telling them to do one thing, and then they go off and violate those rules. It will not be long before Cuomo is put out of the office and told to go live with his mother and daughters by voters that hate his hypocritical rules.


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