The Lunacy! Biden Wants to Force Everyone to Be Reeducated Based on Critical Race Theory

The nation’s wounds need to be healed but there are a number of people out there who are committed to making them worse. The country is now divided into two different groups. There are white people who are responsible for all of the nations’ ills and there are people of color who are considered to be fully innocent.

This is the enterprise that the American left is taking on at the moment. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion courses are being forced on anyone who takes a new job. The white people are told that they are the ones who need to change, while everyone else is given a gold star. This sets up a world where white people are expected to acknowledge their whiteness.

White employees are not even safe when working for the government. They are subjected to Critical Race Theory workshops that do not anything to help them. These programs are only there to stroke the egos of other white people, who assume that the workshops will let everyone know how woke they really are. So what do people even learn during the workshops?

They are told that white people have done everything wrong in American society, that the only good white person is the one who gives away all their worldly possessions. Anything less than giving away all your money to people who want to lay in bed all day makes you a racist. And boy, how they are giving away that money!

According to journalist Christopher Rufo, over $500,000 has been earmarked by NASA for a “Power and Privilege” sexual orientation workshop. Upper West Side parents are under siege these days, too. They are being told that their children are bound to grow up to be killer police officers. Megyn Kelly recently made this discovery and shared it with the rest of the world.

Of course, no parent wants to send their child to a school where they are going to be told how awful of a person they are because of the color of their skin. None of this identity politics mumbo jumbo is designed to teach anyone anything and the shtick is wearing thin. White people are being taught that they are going to have zero protection under the law going forward.

They are also being taught that they are the ones who are responsible for most crimes that are taking place. If other people commit crimes? They are merely being forced to by the white patriarchy. Those who are white are not pure and that’s the reality of it. Unless you are willing to attend various programs that are here to disabuse you of any notions you may have, you are simply never going to scrub that white stain off.

Human agency is also a thing of the past. Are white people able to better themselves in their daily actions? Nope. Nothing that we do is ever going to make anything better, so there is no real reason to try. The forces that are allied against Americans are simply too large to deal with. Everything that we love has to be destroyed eventually.

Every white person is not worthy and it does not matter what they have done, what they will do, or who they spend time with. They are all the same, regardless of their social class. In the eyes of the new America, every white person is rich and they are somehow benefitting from the riches of people that they are never going to meet.

America has a number of problems that need to be solved before we can truly move forward. Anyone who thinks otherwise is severely deluding themselves at the moment. That does not mean that we have to turn against each other, though. In order to overcome our current problems, we need to be ready to come together. The left is setting the nation on a very destructive course that needs to be changed, immediately.


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