Melania Shows Class with “America the Beautiful” Holiday Theme

Melania Shows Class with “America the Beautiful” Holiday Theme

The liberal media is quick to criticize Melania Trump. They don’t like what she wears, they don’t like what she says, and they sure as all heck don’t like the way that she decorates the White House. Until now.

Melania Trump, as First Lady, is the one to decorate the White House. She chooses the theme and she oversees how that theme is executed.

For 2020, the theme is “America the Beautiful.” The White House sparkles in a stunning, traditional Christmas vibe with green trees, red ribbons, and more.

Countless traditional decorations adorn the White House. Decorations made by children from across the United States appear on many of the trees. A video shared by Melania Trump also shows a miniature White House, complete with a train set that has been set up by holly boughs.

The First Lady has shared countless photos of what the Christmas decorations look like, along with the note: “Together, we celebrate this land we are all proud to call home.”

In the past, the media has poked fun at the décor. In 2017, the all-white décor was compared to that of the Chronicles of Narnia, in 2018, they didn’t like the red trees, and in 2019, they didn’t like the gold stars.

This year, though, there’s no criticism. Not a peep. Either the liberal media has decided that they, too, like the look of a traditional Christmas, or they have decided to let the First Lady have this one holiday since it will be her last.

Tags of “Faith” and “Love” can be found on packages under many of the trees. The video shared by the @FLOTUS account on Twitter gives an intimate look at the decorations as the First Lady walks the halls. Room after room shows the lavish decorations. Many of the ornaments are hand-drawn and colored, featuring the names of the child artists who created them, along with their age and state.

The video ends with a flash to the top of the train, where the name of this year’s theme is reiterated: America the Beautiful.

Each and every year, it is the responsibility of the First Lady to decorate. It became tradition once Jackie Kennedy decorated the White House estate with a “Nutcracker Suite” theme in 1961. Typically, when the First Lady reveals the theme, people generally fawn over it. It’s not something that is critiqued.

Certainly, no one ever thought to criticize the decorations of Michelle Obama. She offered up a number of themes across two terms in the White House, ranging from “Shine, Give, Share” to “Gather Around.”

The décor isn’t always traditional. Sometimes, the First Lady feels the need to step outside of the box in order to ensure that the White House is continued to be viewed as trendy. It’s a chance to show their own personality.

In 2020, Melania Trump correctly read the attitude of America. There was a need to go traditional. We’re in a time where the country is turned upside down. There’s civil unrest in every major city. There’s a global pandemic that continues to take the lives of Americans. Politicians can’t agree on a single path to lead us onto.

We’ve had to give up so much this year. Vacations have been canceled, travel has been paused, and it’s hard to visit with loved ones because of not knowing who has quarantined and who has not.

We need tradition. It’s one of the reasons why there are more people seeking out real Christmas trees. Artificial trees simply don’t scream “tradition.” So, Melania Trump gave Americans what they are craving: a traditional Christmas.

Each and every hall, tree, and ornament has a purpose. The decorations are stunning. She has finally managed to do the unthinkable: silence the haters.

The liberal media must simply applaud (even if they do so silently) because the theme of this year’s White House Christmas décor is just what the country needed.


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