Sidney Powell is Still Fighting for the Truth

Sidney Powell is Still Fighting for the Truth

Sidney Powell is the person that many are watching as she stubbornly continues her march towards the truth. Her reluctance to back down and give up the fight even after seeing so many cases thrown out is a testimony to her desire to find the truth. Her tenacity and drive are scaring the Democrats to death as they fear that she is going to uncover the truth regarding their involvement in a massive scheme to destroy America.

Powell was able to get a judge in Georgia to issue a restraining order that forced Georgia officials to leave the Dominion voting machines alone until they could all be inspected. This means that no vote count or data could be removed or erased from the machines.

Georgia officials want to erase the data from the election so they can get ready for their runoff election. Georgia is the hot spot right now because the two seats up for grabs would determine, should Biden win, if he would be a lame-duck president or have unilateral support. The future of America hangs in the balance.

Over the case, the judge had to reverse his decision just hours after the restraining order was put into place. Because it was discovered that the voting machines are actually under county control and not state control. Georgia law prohibits state-level officials from ordering counties mandates on how to run things.

So, this judge took a step back and stated that he did not have the authority to tell the counties not to erase the machines. Powell needed to take another step forward and come out and name defendants so the judge could actually intervene in the matter.

The judge did the right thing and told the plaintiffs and others involved that they needed to amend the statements. Powell needed to name the counties of Cobb, Gwinnett, and Cherokee as the targets of the injunction. Once that was done, further action could be taken to keep those machines from being messed around with.

The issue took another weird turn as the judge wanted to involve the Appeals Court. He wants them to give an opinion on the matter. It is possible that Powell is testing the judge to see what he is going to do.

Six hundred officials from the state and county levels are going to have to be named as defendants if the injunction is to take effect. But the judge seems unsure of himself as he is stalling for time while he waits for an answer from the Appeals Court.

The judge stated in his first order that “If the Court of Appeals disagrees with the plaintiffs, it will dismiss their appeal, whereupon this Court will probably need to reschedule the hearing presently set for Friday, December 4 (since the parties’ briefs, due tomorrow and Thursday, probably will have not been filed). Any delay in conducting the hearing on the claims in Plaintiffs’ complaint would be attributable to Plaintiffs—not this Court—since Plaintiffs are the ones who filed the notice of appeal.”

The twist is that he issued the order after the Appeals Court got involved. The legal twists are causing delays in getting to the bottom of the truth. Powell has a certain amount of time to get the truth out on the table. Biden cheated, and his network of criminals is vast.

No matter what happens with the case that Powell is fighting for in Georgia, it is a matter of time before all the evidence is spelled out for everyone to see. President Trump has been telling the truth for weeks over how the election was stolen. But the problem is that the media and liberal judges are not doing their jobs to get that truth out to the people.

Joe Biden continues to maintain that he won the election. But like his past, there are so many abnormal matters that it is looking more like a rigged election every day. It is up to Powell and the rest of the team to continue to expose the truth of what is actually going on.


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