Biden Just Sold the White House to America’s Most Liberal Billionaire’s

Biden Just Sold the White House to America’s Most Liberal Billionaire’s

For quite some time even Barack Obama agreed that the Democratic party had somehow evolved into the party of Bernie Sanders. Liberal Dems were ditching the traditions of their party’s past in favor of a new ideology being literally spat through the lips of a finger waving old white relic of a guy who brought promises of milk and honey.

Sanders’ war cry wasn’t loud enough to penetrate the eardrums of those among us with an ounce of common sense, but even so, his substantial and incredibly loyal following flocked around their would-be savior like a swarm of flies on freshly crapped manure.

Probably not Joe Biden himself, but his campaign staff surely knew the only way to pull the leeches off of Sanders’s skin was for their boss to go and do likewise. You know. Say some of the same stuff. “Come on, Joe. It’s not like you have to mean it or anything.”

In all actuality, Sanders stood a good chance of claiming the nomination. The man had stirred up quite the ruckus with his socialist propaganda. But it was also because of his radical agenda that the Democratic party slowly eased him out of the running.

With Sander’s gone, the party introduced their golden boy, Joe Biden. Also, an old guy, except this one only has half a brain to his name and he’ll be very easy to control. Just tell him to smile and wave a lot. His fans will eat it up.

Biden’s new cabinet picks are more or less the same worn-out has-beens who never got the chance to actively work for the failed and humiliated Hillary Clinton administration as it was proposed to be but never was. Thank your higher power. Except now Joe is hiring…

Though Biden has painted a progressive hue in brilliantly bright colors, most of his new staff who were hoping to work for Hillary, had also at one time had a boss man by the name of Barack. During the eight-year Obama tragedy, every last one of these goofballs was ridiculed behind closed doors for their abundant use of lip service.

The exact people who under Obama boosted the average American wage by a life-changing $11 a month, will be once again punching in on the White House timeclock. Great, huh? Under President Trump, the average worker in the US has not only been banking an extra $161 every month but for the first time in many decades, low-income earners saw more of a raise than those at the top end of the income scale.

Despite what ramblin’ Joe may utter for the sake of pleasing others, it’s all wind. Unlike Bernie Sanders, Biden is all about the same money Sanders wanted to give away for free, but baby Biden was never taught to share, and he’s tapping into the same reservoir of billionaires Sanders railed about.

The Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket was widely welcomed by America’s billionaire class who happily funneled money through mysterious channels in support of the campaigns. In only two short months, Harris’s campaign rounded up 47 billionaires. Of these wealthy donors, two-thirds of them had the ritziest ZIP codes in California, and all of them were either Hollywood moguls or tech giants from Silicon Valley. home to tech titans and Hollywood moguls.

Sixty-six of the richest old cronies in America threw their support and money behind Biden’s campaign. Collectively they kicked in over 10 times all other contributions combined. Screw the little guy, the Democratic party is now the party of the elites.

With a half-dazed manipulatable man who forgets his own name sitting in the Oval Office, these billionaires are rejoicing. They just bought the country. America is now their oyster.


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