Manipulative Media Still Covering Up Fraud and Cheating

There is no doubt that the election of 2020 was rigged in favor of the demoralizing Joe Biden. His methods of cheating were soon discovered and even realized before the fatal night had run its course. But the media’s reluctance to question and probe their liberal benefactors created the most prominent scandal coverup in the country’s history.

Couple the media cover with party-line judges, and it is easy to see why the matter is still slowly moving forward. It took one brave judge to order Antrim County, Michigan’s voting machines, to force the ball back down the hill.

The audit of the Dominion voting machines revealed tampering and manipulative corrections, all in favor of Biden. The tampering was enough to cause the president to lose the state of Michigan. But there was no mention of such finding by any of the major media outlets. They covered their ears and continued to act like Joe Biden won fair and square.

The media is afraid of the truth. They cannot stomach the probability that their beloved candidate is a fraud and a cheat. They cannot stomach the fact that the American people have brains of their own and can make decisions without being told what to believe. It is all about power to them.

The Allied Security Operations Group found that over 6,000 votes were changed from Trump to Biden by the machines. And yet, the illustrious media is deliberately ignoring the report. Had it been a Democratic candidate being frauded, the media would-be an all-over ounce of the evidence pouring out into the public.

It was reported by Onar Om that “According to ASOG, there exists an adjudication log for previous elections, but critically not for ballots cast during the 2020 election. The report concluded that ‘the 2020 election cycle records have been manually removed.’ Furthermore, the machine security log before 11:04 p.m. on Nov. 4 is missing, meaning that the kinds of changes made before this time cannot be audited. The report also stated that on Nov. 21, an unauthorized user ‘unsuccessfully attempted to zero out election results.’”

The media should be salivating for the next piece of the story, but there is only silence on the matter. These nasty liberals at every level are all covering up the truth. It will come down to which ones will end up taking the rap for the elections crimes. By right, all of them, including Biden, should be stuffed behind bars.

The 68 percent error rate in these machines should be enough to make states hold a fairer election to ensure they get it right. And if the Democrats are so sure that they have done nothing wrong, then they should be urging an investigation to clear their name. But they are silent as well, just like the media.

It was the intention of liberals in media to keep the American people in the dark about what was happening behind the scenes. But they did not expect thousands of people from the contested states to come forward and testify to what is being discovered now as being right.

Poor baby John Poulos, the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems, denies all the allegations thrown at his company. He maintains that his company is honest and would never engage in such things. But after all, he is working for the liberals and the wealthy elite that are milking the world for every last scrap of money they can get.

Poulos even denies any wrongdoing on the part of people hacking into the internet. He stated that the machines in Antrim County were hooked up to a local connection. But that is still the internet, and it can still be hacked into.

The report has been buried deep by the media. Any publication of the report has been through other channels. The liberal media cannot admit that they are cheaters, just like the liberals they are serving.

It has never occurred to anyone in the media that enough human error leads many to believe that the acts of fraud are deliberately done. But when liberals believe they can make no mistake, then they are capable of doing anything and being able to justify their actions.


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