You Suck! California Threatens to Recall Newsom as Governor

Not everything in California is glamour and glitz. The harsh reality of living in California has been characterized by high real estate prices, constant brownouts, raging forest fires, and a governor that has been bankrupting the state slowly. Governor Gavin Newsom is clearly incapable of governing the state, especially in light of his new pandemic rules.

Small businesses are tired of having to close while the box stores remain crowded and thriving.

Individuals are tired of being told to stay indoors and to not gather with friends and family in other safe bubbles.

And the homeless…the homeless are becoming more prevalent without any help being offered to get them off of the streets.

There’s a citizen movement known as “Rescue California.” Their sole mission at the moment is to recall the governor. This is part of the political system in place that allows residents to remove a public official before the end of their term.

This happened once before in California history – in 2003, Governor Gray Davis was recalled over the mismanagement of the state budget. Newsom is guilty of that and more.

What would it take to actually get Newsom out, though?

A recall petition must be circulated in a minimum of five counties and collect over 1.5 million signatures. Can it be done? That’s what some volunteers across the state are trying to figure out now.

Anne Dunsmore, the campaign manager for Rescue California, has said that trying to recall Newsom is one of the most important efforts she’s ever worked on. There are already nearly 3,000 active volunteers, and she says that the citizen movement is something you have to see to believe.

The effort started in February and they’ve been collecting signatures since June.

So, why are they looking to recall Newsom?

In case it wasn’t obvious, it’s the missteps handling the coronavirus as well as his overall hypocrisy. The senior adviser to ‘Recall Governor Newsom’ Randy Economy said that “This governor is his own worst enemy.”

Economy goes on to explain that Newsom seems to do something daily that becomes more controversial. He’s managed to shut down the world’s fifth-largest economy over the past nine months. He also says that every single person in California should be “outraged” by the actions of the governor.

Over 820,000 signatures have been collected – and they’ll have until mid-March to get a total of 1.5 million if they want to see the issue get onto the ballot.

It’s the only move that many Californians feel they can make. They cannot sit idly by and watch Newsom continue to keep the economy closed. They cannot allow him to continue to make bad decisions while keeping residents hostages in their own homes. Since the state legislation isn’t moving to impeach, the groups dedicated to the governor’s recall will work to take care of it.

Perhaps the icing on the cake was when Newsom was caught having dinner at The French Laundry for a birthday party last month when telling citizens to avoid socializing.

Dunsmore said that there have been a number of Republican efforts to try to pull the state back to the right since Newsom is being pulled further to the left. She also says that the victories in the House made a difference – and nearly a quarter of the takeback seats occurred in California.

It’s obvious that something has to be done about California. Hard-working entrepreneurs are being put out of business. And those that are surviving along with corporate giants, are choosing to pack their bags (and their tax dollars) to head to another state that isn’t filled with the level of hypocrisy that Governor Newsom offers up.

Oh, and sorry New York. Anyone thinking of recalling Governor Cuomo will have to move right to impeachment. The state of New York doesn’t have a recall system in place, which is just another way that the Democrats have managed to keep residents in check.


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