Investigation Requests Footage of Fraudulent Vote Dump in Detroit

While the mainstream media keeps telling everyone that absolutely no fraud took place, we know better. They would not be so insistent on this matter if they knew that there was nothing to hide. The facts, as we see them, seem very clear cut. President Trump was holding a six-figure lead over Joe Biden in Michigan when 150,000 votes seemed to fall out of the sky.

How nice for the Democrats! Meanwhile, in Wayne County, those who were responsible for counting votes decided to place cardboard over the windows so that no one could see what they were doing. When GOP officials tried to see what was going on, they were treated in a very harsh manner.

Hundreds of affidavits have been issued on the matter as well. All of these people are claiming that they saw clear and blatant voter fraud taking place. Up until now, no one was even bothering to take a closer look at the video footage. The video that you are going to see (once the Gateway Pundit is able to get their hands on it) will settle these disputes once and for all.

The video will disprove the excuse about keeping Republicans out of the TCF Center because it was supposedly at capacity and they were concerned about COVID-19. Surely, they could have simply asked these folks to wear their masks when they came inside. The leftists have no problem claiming that we can all peacefully coexist if we wear masks under normal circumstances.

Democrat poll workers who were bringing in suitcases were not questioned. This is another question that is answered by the video. Why were these people allowed to do this when they are not authorized? Georgia poll workers are already accused of hiding additional ballots inside of these suitcases. We would not be surprised if the same things were happening here.

Patrick Colbeck claims that we are able to see the modem and the wires networking the tabulating machines and this is a major issue. Why would these machines even be networked unless there was some sort of chicanery taking place? These are the questions that have been plaguing so many of us (sorry for the choice of words, given the current circumstances).

On top of all this, Republicans have had serious questions about who sent what inside and when. At around 3:30, someone brought in some items that were referred to as harmless. We are supposed to believe that this was food or equipment. Security personnel are also said to have kept people out of the building who did not have the proper credentials.

Other witnesses allege that illegal ballot dumps took place throughout the process and the co-owner of Dominion Voting Services is said to have been on hand. Did the GOP poll challengers get ejected in a good faith effort to keep the poll workers safe or was this just an excuse to avoid further scrutiny?

The Gateway Pundit is on the case! The TCF Center is asking for $22,000 for 1 day’s worth of video. Rest assured, they are going to get their hands on it. The video has also been subpoenaed by the Michigan Legislature. It is not yet apparent as to whether the materials they have gathered are going to be shared with the general public. One of the most corrupt cities in all of America helped to blatantly steal an election and everyone sat idly by, watching them do it.

There is a GiveSendGo account that has been set up by the Gateway Pundit. Anyone who is looking to offer donations that are going to be used to obtain the video are more than welcome to do so. With any luck, we are going to be able to see this video before too much time passes. This may be the last hope that we have to stop the steal once and for all. Kudos to the Gateway Pundit for stepping up to the plate.


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