Nashville Bomber Believed to Have Been Paranoid About 5G Networks Effect on People

The story of the Christmas day bombing in Nashville has only getting weirder and weirder over the past few days. As more and more details start to circulate, a person of interest has been identified. Anthony Quinn Warner is said to have owned an RV that looks just like the one that was depicted in the blast.

Warner and the vehicle have not been seen since. Of course, new wrinkles are developing as we speak. The hot takes are flying, fast, and furious. The latest narrative is especially interesting. The blast was apparently intended to put a stop to the 5G networks that Warner believed were attacking his city.

“FBI agents working the Nashville Christmas bombing are asking around about whether Anthony Quinn Warner — a local computer expert named as a “person of interest” — was paranoid about 5G technology, according to a report.

Agents are probing if Warner, 63, feared that 5G technology was being used to spy on Americans, a source close to the investigation told the NBC News affiliate in Nashville. There have otherwise been no arrests or motive revealed in the bombing as of early Sunday,” the New York Post reported.

However, the narrative that surrounds the 5G towers has yet to be confirmed by the media. The claim about Warner’s motivation was linked to a Nashville real estate agent. The NBC News reporting on the bombing does not concur with this assessment, though. If Warner never mentioned the 5G tower issues when he was spoken to by the FBI, why would anyone believe this story when the mainstream media tries to push it?

These are the notions that are circulating in the news at the moment and people are getting tired of them. Of course, there are signs that point to a coordinated attack on the 5G networks. The AT & T mobile services in the area have not been working since the explosion took place and even 911 emergency services are not readily accessible.

Until more proof has been found, Warner is the only bomber who is being accused. The FBI is now searching for DNA evidence to prove that Warner is responsible for the blast. If they are able to obtain DNA from his family, this will prove that he was the one who is responsible for the suicide bombing. There are also those who are pointing out one key factor of the investigation.

Let’s say that we want to believe the story about Warner being worried about 5G technology. Wouldn’t there be some form of paper trail that has been left behind to prove it? There are other factors that need to be assessed here as well. Warner had a relationship with a 29-year-old woman from Los Angeles named Michelle Swing.

Swing is now the owner of two different properties that once belonged to Warner. He signed over the deed to a $160,000 Nashville home to her, free of charge. Warner also owned another property on the same street that is worth $249,000. This home was signed over to Swing, too. For her part, Swing is claiming that the properties were transferred over to her without her knowledge.

That does not seem all that likely of a story to us but all of that will sort itself out soon enough. Maybe Warner was planning to launch these attacks for some time now and this was a way to unload his most prized possessions before it was too late? That would actually make a decent amount of sense.

In the meantime, we will have to wait until we have received the results of the DNA testing. Until then, much of this speculation is going to fall on deaf ears. People want the real story and they are tired of being fed the usual nonsense. The only solace that we can take from this senseless tragedy is that there is a good chance Warner is the only one who passed away as a result of the bombing.


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