Is California Ready to Split to Become Two States?

Is California Ready to Split to Become Two States?

The pathway of separation from the liberal nutcases is moving forward in California. The more they push their liberal fear on everyone, the more the people want to get out of their way. California is a massive state with a lot of people that love America. The liberals have hijacked the government, and they control the finances so they can do whatever they want. But the people are fighting back.

The move to split the state has failed in past years, but this time around, they follow the legal way of making things happen. The group learned that they need to do things the right way if they want to see any kind of tangible results.

The pathway that West Virginia took years ago is what Californians are following. The group is making headway, and it looks like they are turning heads while doing it. Even Texas has thought about leaving the Union, but so far, they are happy staying together.

The problem that many in California are facing is legal issues. In 2017 Tim Draper wanted to see the state broke up into three states. After spending millions of dollars on the project, he gave because the fight was too entangled in legal matters for him to want to continue.

But this year, the New California project is looking into the past for their answer to a new state. The model left behind by West Virginia is giving the project a new path to follow.

The path that was forged by West Virginia was laid down in 1861. Virginia wanted to join the south and fight for slavery to remain legal. But some wanted to support freedom. West Virginia would leave the state and form a new state with ideals for freedom.

The people in California are not much different. Those that are wanting to leave stand for freedom. They do not want to have anything to do with the wacky liberals destroying the rest of the state.

Loony Newsom has set up sanctuary cities for illegals, he has passed insane laws that make no sense, and illegal immigrants are treated better than tax-paying citizens. These three things alone are enough to cause people to want to leave and form a better state. Newsom continues to violate the United States Constitution and allow illegals to run through the state unchecked.

The new movement is gaining steam as they create the necessary legal entities required to leave the liberals behind and create a new state that would state for freedom and law. What is happening is that the rural side wants to leave the urban side because a small percentage of the population is making laws that affect everyone, which are hurting the rural areas.

Many counties that are sick and tired of Newsom and his liberal royal band of outlaws join the new state movement. Newsome is about to have a reality check as over half of the population is about to leave and form a new state. One that would stand for law and order.

This effort to form a new state will encourage and pave others’ way to follow in their footsteps. Republicans are tired of the minority liberals cheating and changing things into a socialist nightmare.

Everywhere one can look, rural America votes Republican, while the cities tend to turn a state blue. The liberal cultic centers are just about ready to be carved out of the heart of America because they have become too powerful and do not speak for the rest of the nation.

The answer to a balance lies just beneath the surface of freedom. The brainwashed liberals need an area that they can destroy without causing harm to the rest of America. The race to save freedom lies at striping the powerful urban areas of their national influence.

To limit the influence of liberalism is the key to saving America and preserving law and order. At some point, the liberal wackos will come to grips that their beloved socialism does not work, and they will want to leave the urban areas and rejoin humanity.


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