Any Doubts About Biden’s Agenda? Watch Him Explain How He Will Destroy American Manufacturing and Energy

Any Doubts About Biden’s Agenda? Watch Him Explain How He Will Destroy American Manufacturing and Energy

Joe Biden delivered some carefully prepared remarks from Wilmington, Delaware. Trump was bashed, as you would expect. He’s vowing to undo every last policy that he enacted as soon as he gets into office, which was also expected. The man is already plotting his tyranny and he hasn’t even arrived at the White House yet.

According to him, carbon emissions threaten the future of the planet as we know it. These are the sort of scare tactics that we have to look forward to for the next four years. Once Biden’s statements had concluded, he fled from the stage and refused to take any follow-up questions. That should not have been a surprise to anyone, either.

Biden does not do well when he is challenged on these types of things. He expects to say whatever he wants, with zero opposition. He is calling climate change a crisis of existential proportions. If we do not present a unified national front, we are going to be in a lot of trouble. This is the usual rhetoric that is presented by the Democrats.

We remember it from Al Gore, who swore that we would be living underwater by now if we didn’t do things differently. This is the fear-mongering that we are forced to deal with any time that a Democrat is given the chance to gain power. What are people supposed to think when Biden repeatedly talks like this?

The fact that he would even be allowed to talk like this publicly is absolutely absurd, from where we are sitting. How can someone who hasn’t even been sworn into office yet keep tormenting us? The Green New Deal is merely the latest Marxist legislation that has been burped up by the leftists who would love to watch this country further circle the drain.

We have definitely noticed a certain trend with many of these progressive movements. The people are told that they need to get on board with them or they are racists who hate their country. This is how political power is acquired, by successfully silencing the people who are offering up their own rebuttals about what is going on.

Once the left is able to consolidate their power, their next step will be to restrict their opponents. Biden is already laying down the groundwork in this regard. He knows good and well that no one will be able to tell him no once he is in office. This is especially true once the Georgia runoffs have had the chance to take place. The GOP could very well lose control of the Senate.

That’s why so many conservative voters are rightfully nervous. They have already been told that their votes are basically meaningless. Biden swiped the White House right out from under them. The rule of law that Trump fought so hard to maintain during his term has been dashed on the rocks of Biden’s own delusions. He thinks he can force anything down our throats at this point.

There are still some Americans who are willing to challenge the status quo, believe it or not. People saw how much Al Gore’s net worth continued to rise as he peddled all of his environmental rhetoric. This goes against the idea that all of our lives were about to be over if we did not do what he said but hey, what do we know? We’re nowhere near as smart as these super-geniuses.

Their bad faith attempts at controlling American democracy need to be met with more of a fight than they have so far. No one is suggesting that the fight needs to be taking place in a literal sense. It is more of an ideological war than a traditional one. Conservative thinkers are under attack and that’s one of the many reasons why they need to remain strong during the months and years to come. The fight is far from over.


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