Apparently, Social Distancing Isn’t Required for Congress Members…

Apparently, Social Distancing Isn’t Required for Congress Members…

Democrats live in their own little world when it comes to doing what is right and following set protocols. The COVID-19 rules are not a high priority for the liberals. From the local levels to federal service, all of them look to ignore the set protocols established in their states. But now that the representatives have been chosen, the liberals see this as another opportunity to do one thing while saying another.

The hypocrites sitting in the House have looked to skirt the rules in order to establish themselves. The Democrats bark at conservatives and cry when they wander out in public without a mask or fail to adhere to the rules. And when it suites them, they violently attack others to make examples of them.

Liberals had no problem crowding into the streets to engage in violent protests. They gathered together to murder and hurt people during the pandemic lockdown. And there was not one liberal that denounced their crowded gatherings during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

President Trump’s constant attacks and the way he handled the pandemic fall on deaf ears as they violate their own rules they claim to promote. And now that the 2020 year is finally in the past, they seek to further violate the rules by swearing themselves into Congress.

The nation is under a six-foot rule of separation. People are supposed to keep away from each other. The states controlled by the liberals even have violated the sanctity of the home and told people to wear masks and keep away from family members.

As the frisky freshmen showed up to serve, they were allowed to cram themselves into the House in order to swear themselves into office. The rule of separation was forgotten about on purpose. The classic liberal reaction to following rules came flooding out to the surface as the newbies showed up.

The liberal members of the House were walking around shaking hands and getting in each other’s faces. The liberal brotherly love was flowing as the world watched the deliberate violation of set protocols.

Nancy Pelosi is the biggest fraud of them all as she praised the actions of those under her sinful control. Craig Caplan stated that “Mass swearing-in for most House members into 117th Congress instead of all in small groups as previously announced for COVID-19 safety floor guidelines.” He clearly noted that the standard that was set to follow for swearing-in the new members were ignored.

Pelosi tried to justify herself and her action by saying that “As we are sworn in today, we accept a responsibility as daunting and demanding as any that previous generations of leadership have faced. Our most urgent priority will continue to be defeating the coronavirus — and defeat it, we will! #117thCongress”

They might be able to defeat it because it is not the giant monster that the Democrats have made the virus out to be. Their actions are an abomination to the nation.

One media outlet noted that “While many of the members appear to be wearing masks, video shows hundreds of lawmakers wandering around the chamber speaking with each other in close contact and shaking hands.”

The Democrats are quick to shift the focus from their purposeful violation of set COVID-19 rules. They would instead attack others and point out how they violate the rules. These attacks were quickly seen as they bashed the president for his decision not to wear a mask in public.

President Trump handled the virus and pandemic perfectly, given the people he had to work with. He followed their recommendations while the liberals were intentionally violating them.

The brotherly love that took place in the House was just a liberal celebration that they were able to survive the red wave that just about took most of them out of the way. Their deliberate reaction to ignoring the rules will prove that they do not care about the set standard of keeping others healthy.

Liberals do not care about keeping other people safe if it does not affect them. They do not care what is said about them as long as it does not affect their public image.


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