Storm Continues to Mount as Republicans Take on Electoral College

The nation is watching with great anticipation as to which man will be in the White House for the next term. Socialists and communists are hoping that their puppet, Joe Biden, will be there. But the free world is hoping that President Trump will still emerge as the victor because of all the fraud and fake ballots that were found.

The hurricane is brewing as Republicans seek to set up an audit team to look into the matter of fraud and allegations that have come up the past several weeks. The media tried and failed to keep things from getting to this point, but the truth of what the Democrats tried to do is just too large to coverup. And now it is time for them to be exposed to the cheats they are known to be.

There are hundreds of Republicans that want the Senate to wait to certify until the truth can be discovered. There is too much evidence proving the Democrats cheated to ignore. The move to vote against the certification has turned into a hurricane that is going to sweep through the political scene.

Objections over presidential elections happen all of the time. But there has never been one on this scale. The president and his legal team have found a massive pile of fraud-related acts that clearly show Joe Biden is not the president.

And now that it is all out in the open, the rigged election victims want the Electoral College votes not to be certified until honesty can be proven.

The Democrats are cringing at the idea of an audit because they know that they are going to find that their cover story is blown. And what is really sad is that the Democrats tried to do the exact same thing in 2017 and failed because the election was found, to be honest. But this time around, they corrupted the entire process with their fake ballots.

Joe Biden and his entourage of cheaters would have the country believe that to raise such objections to an election is unpatriotic. They would even claim that people are traitors. But if they have nothing to hide or worry about, then they would have already opened up the possibility of an audit.

They would welcome such an idea to prove their innocence. But when a person is not innocent, they are going to object to such measures.

The maniac media wants people to think that there is no hope and that the objection is minor. There are hundreds of politicians that are going to raise the objection because they know that the Democrats hijacked the election process.

The path to freedom has never been an easy one to take. There needs to be at least one Senator who is willing to contest the election with any House Representatives to keep the count from being certified. And the person that is willing to stand for freedom was Josh Hawley from Missouri.

And when things could not be any worse for the Democrats, there were about a dozen more Senators that were going to join with Hawley and challenge the results. It only takes one person to stand up and do the right thing before others will join in and stand with that person.

Ted Cruz and the rest of the heroes want an audit done on the results to prove that the election was not rigged and full of fraud. It should not surprise anyone that there is not one Democrat encouraging the idea.

This is because they know that they cheated. Mitch McConnell would do well to challenge the election results for the American people. The hurricane is set to make landfall later in the week, and the strength of the Republican Party will be felt nationwide. Democrats everywhere are already bracing for the storm.

President Trump has never steered the country wrong. He has only stood for law and order and the American people. The Democrats have stood with the communists and socialists that would love to tear the country to pieces.

The Republican Party is the only thing that is keeping that from happening right now.


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