CNN Exposes Georgia Election as Rigged from the Start

CNN Exposes Georgia Election as Rigged from the Start

Raphael Warnock is America’s version of the distracted and debauched life. His political preaching is paramount to liberalism, making a national takeover and destroying the normal way of things in America.

During the November election, the Democrats got counting rooms to stop the process so they could flood the system with fake Biden votes. And now it looks like they did it again in Georgia.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that a blue Georgia means the end of freedom in America. And for some reason, the Democrats know that the only way they can win is to cheat their way through the process just so they can put their person in the spot of power.

As the Georgia election night move on, there were some eerie patterns that began to emerge that mirrored the night in early November. Several counties decided to stop their counting efforts only to claim that they would start again in the morning. And when morning showed up, all the liberals candidates were in the lead.

And if that did not top the cake, Wolf Blitzer with CNN passed the reporting of the moment onto Chris Cuomo; the world knew that things were terrible. Cuomo is a person that just cannot contain himself. He got caught with a hot mic stating that CNN is a liberal platform that exists to help Democrats win elections solely.

CNN has turned from reporting on facts and the news to walking with liberals and supporting their communist ways. But with Cuomo verifying what everyone finally suspected, the CNN media giant can be held accountable for being an anti-American establishment.

Cuomo blurted out that “We won.” He was referring to the two liberal candidates making their way to the top in Georgia. He was so excited that his murderous friends were going to win, which would allow his hateful party to destroy America. He blurted out that “We know on the numbers that we have, we won.”

The fact that Cuomo stated that they knew the numbers were there only points to the truth that there were fake ballots that were going to be used. The liberals are stupid to think that they can continue to treat people the way they do and get away with it. There are always consequences for sinful actions.

Cuomo’s counterpart was Don Lemon. And he stated that “On the precipice of possibly turning blue and changing the Senate and changing, really, at least, the beginning of the course of the Biden presidency. Who would have thunk (sic) that this would have happened in a state like Georgia?”

CNN was giddy over the possibility of the Democrats having control. But as Cuomo alluded about, they really knew it would happen because they know that the Democrats cheated and stole the election.

Cuomo praised back, “that’s it, I am done. [John] Berman was going to give you that one. Now, he’s going to have to think of something else. So, I’ll tell you who won tonight, we already know, you did. Once again a beautiful display of democracy in action. We’re not getting any funny business out of the state of Georgia. The officials are content with how it’s going. We have a long way to go, counting could take some time. I do not expect it to be called tonight, but we will be going through.”

These two pathetic news anchors knew precisely what was going to happen. The Democratic Party runs CNN and Lemon, and Cuomo are bought off reports that will only praise the liberals. They would award a liberal that was convicted of murder if they had the chance to do so.

So much attention has been given to the social media world that focus has been taken off of the media itself. They are pro-Democrat and are now proud of it. Both these reporters are wearing liberalism as badges of honor. They knew that things were going to shut down, and they knew that the liberal candidates would emerge in the daylight hours ahead of their competition.


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