A Country Divided: How We Must Heal

A Country Divided: How We Must Heal

The pledge of allegiance is something that, as Americans, we’ve learned to recite. We pledge allegiance to our country as well as to the Republic. We are “one nation” and it demands “liberty and justice for all.”

The problem with our country at the moment is that it is divided. Various terrorist organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter have determined they don’t want one nation. They also claim that we’re not offering liberty and justice for all – only to certain groups.

For decades, we have believed that we are one nation. Yet, now, there are those who want to tear us apart.

We are not just a two-party system, either. Anyone who believes that it’s just the Republicans versus the Democrats at this point hasn’t been paying attention.

The Republicans are torn apart by those who want to continue supporting Trump versus those who are looking for the country to heal from some of his less than politically correct comments.

The Democrats are torn apart by those who want socialism versus those who know better.

If we are to continue to be the “United” States of America, we must heal.

But, how?

There has to be the desire for every side to want to come together. That’s going to require civility, common ground, and some hard work. Compromise will be a word tossed around quite a bit.

Now that the Democrats have the majority everywhere, people like Nancy Pelosi may believe that there is no need for compromise. We all know how much she hated to even consider it when Trump was in office. However, the majorities are not significant and the GOP will not go quietly into the night.

As many say, we have to forget about past transgressions. We have to forget that there have been people supporting politicians we were not in favor of.

We also have to have patience. There’s a new Congress and there are new people who are taking the lead. We’ll have to wait and see what the Biden-Harris administration has to offer.

While the country accumulated a significant amount of debt and messed with the healthcare coverage of millions, the eight years under Obama was survivable. We maintained our “one nation” and things improved considerably under Trump’s administration.

We have to have hope that Biden has learned from both Obama and Trump. We have to have hope that Kamala Harris can bring in a younger and more progressive approach to politics while keeping the existing structure that we have come to depend on.

A poll that was conducted in June by “More in Common” identified that 82 percent of Americans believed that the nation was more divided than united.

America is broken, but it can be healed.

There has to be respect. Respect for different opinions, for different races, and for the sanctity of human life.

Right now, everyone’s filled with anxiety. Many are afraid to speak out because the liberal activists are so loud and so aggressive.

The White House is going to need to send a clear message of what its intent is for the country. Further, there needs to be a message that the country will not tolerate nor will they negotiate with terrorists. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and any other terrorist that wants to rage an attack need to go away. Their far-left opinions are not wanted nor needed.

Social media also has to stop filtering out only one opinion. They can be “social” or they can be the “media” but they cannot continue to exist as they are right now because only one side is being heard.

There’s a lot of work to be done to heal the country. Although Biden talks about healing, there are others behind him who are still name-calling and pointing fingers. He’s not showing a very united front at this point – and he’s not even in the White House yet.


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