Cuomo’s Plan to Deal with a Crashing Economy? Get High and Legalize Pot

Cuomo’s Plan to Deal with a Crashing Economy? Get High and Legalize Pot

Andrew Cuomo is desperate to be liked. He has to do something – he promised the pandemic would be under control by now and it’s not. He’s personally responsible for killing thousands of seniors in nursing homes. So, he’ll just get the whole state high and hope that they don’t notice the poor job he’s doing governing the state of New York.

Governor Cuomo has decided that it’s time to get serious – serious about legalizing marijuana. He wants to allow it for recreational use. This is his third attempt to get the drug legalized across the state.

He sent out the tweet to talk about an adult-use cannabis program throughout the state. Since he’s managed to spend so much of the state’s revenue on salaries than on anything that will actually help the state, he needs a source of revenue. He believes that pot is the answer to his money problems. He also adds that it will offer support for those “harmed by decades of failed cannabis prohibition.”

The proposal that Cuomo has created would establish an Office of Cannabis Management. This office would be responsible for managing the preexisting medical program as well as the new recreational program. Adults 21 and over would be able to purchase marijuana at state-approved dispensaries.

He’s likely got the person who would run this office already chosen. And, because he’s not the most fiscally responsible guy around, that person is likely to get a hefty salary.

If things go as Cuomo is planning, it could result in a $300 million tax revenue boost for 2021 alone. Well, when all he sees is dollar signs, it sounds like legalizing is the way to go.

The problem lies within the same problem that exists across the nation. Marijuana is considered a gateway drug. Legalizing it makes it easy for it to fall into the hands of anyone. With medical studies still being conducted on the long-term effects, there are too many “What if” questions lingering around. What if someone gets addicted? What if they decide they want to try hard drugs?

New York already has a drug problem. Now, Cuomo’s so money hungry that he’s ready to legalize marijuana. It will only add to the drug problem and leave even more addicts out on the streets. But, Cuomo has proven time and again that he doesn’t care about New Yorkers. He only cares about the money.

Democrats in the state of New York have the majority. Following the November elections, they have more of a majority than ever. It allows them to override any veto. This means that the likelihood of Cuomo’s proposal going through is higher than ever.

It’s not just pot, either. New York is well on its way to being the state where all of the delinquents go. Drug addicts and gamblers can rejoice in all that Cuomo is offering. Cuomo is planning to legalize sports betting, too. It’s been happening under his nose for years, so why not legalize it so that he can benefit from the tax revenue?

Cuomo has had his hand outstretched for federal funds since the very beginning of the pandemic. He’s used it as a way to bring in more revenue – and then mismanaged it every step of the way. So, he’ll not only get money from the COVID relief bills but also legalize marijuana and sports betting to increase revenue even further.

Of course, Cuomo has big plans when it comes to legalizing marijuana. Just as he wrote a book on the amazing way in which he’s managed the pandemic, he plans on being the national model for marijuana legalization.

How about just one thing at a time, Cuomo. Before you can run, you have to walk. If only he was half a good of a leader as he thinks he is, New York might actually have a chance. Instead, he’ll get the state high to make it seem like he’s the best leader the state has ever seen.


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