FBI Provides Evidence Capitol Riots Were a Planned Attack

FBI Provides Evidence Capitol Riots Were a Planned Attack

The Democratic circus continues as they rally together to try and punish the president for the riots that engulfed the capital. The liberals are quick to blame President Trump because the people who stormed the building were all wearing Trump gear.

The pliable liberals think that clothing identifies terrorists and those that are responsible. They fail to understand that perpetrators will not want to be identified, especially if they turn out to be liberal plants.

The party-line vote and a few Republicans decided that the president has to be at fault even though he has condemned the violence. The MAGA movement stands for law and order, and that slogan is a significant problem for criminal loving liberals. The attack on the capital looks like a well-organized endeavor to smear the law-and-order movement.

For the president’s entire first term, the Democrats have been inventing stories and accusations with the purpose of unseating the man from the presidency. The capital riot gave the Democrats another chance at silencing their nemesis once and for all. The dirty Democrats quickly drew up impeachment articles again with the purpose of keeping the president from running in 2024.

Not all of the Republicans are convinced that the president was the instigator of the riots. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the president urged or told his supporters to run the gauntlet that ended up with five souls dying.

The buildup of Democratic lies and attacks on freedom have pushed people over the edge, but not enough to riot. The only party with rioters as their base is the Democratic Party. At a moment’s notice, their violent base can hit the streets, looting and murdering for a cause they know nothing about.

The Democratic circus was very quick to politicize the moment and point their boney finger at the president. They could not waste any time in drafting their articles of impeachment. They had to get it done before the evidence came back to prove that Trump was innocent again of fake charges being levied against him by pushy Pelosi.

The FBI waited just long enough to reveal that there is evidence to prove that the president had nothing to do with it. And it should not be a surprise to anyone that the faltering CNN was able to sink their teeth into the story first.

The FBI official stated that “Evidence uncovered so far, including weapons and tactics seen on surveillance video, suggests a level of planning that has led investigators to believe the attack on the US Capitol was not just a protest that spiraled out of control, a federal law enforcement official says.”

There is enough evidence to cause Trump’s accusers to pull back if they were genuinely being fair. But the Democrats are about hate and not being fair.

The FBI went on to note that “A team of investigators and prosecutors are also focused on the command and control aspect of the attack, looking at travel and communications records to determine if they can build a case that is similar to a counterterrorism investigation.”

The House’s entire basis for impeaching Trump is because he is the one that started the riot. But the evidence clearly shows that “Among the evidence the FBI is examining are indications that some participants at the Trump rally at the Ellipse, outside the White House, left the event early, perhaps to retrieve items to be used in the assault on the Capitol.”

One would think that commonsense would abound and make the House pull back the articles. But they are thrusting forward because they are acting in hate and not fact. Democrats are not fair and have no desire to treat anyone with respect that would oppose their sinful beliefs.

The House Democrats are nothing more than a lynching squad looking for someone to hang. And since they all hate the president, they can rally their efforts to remove them from their mortal enemy once and for all. Their conspiracy theories will be their undoing, and the truth will reign as it does in America.


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