Huge Win For New York Business Owners as Cuomo is Put Down

Huge Win For New York Business Owners as Cuomo is Put Down

People all over the country are sick and tired of being told to stay home and not work because of the COVID-19 virus. In every liberal run state, there are still draconian versions of lockdowns still in place—one such area in the state of New York. Andrew Cuomo is an evil governor who sits in a position to wreck the state’s inhabitants’ lives.

He thinks that his rules and policies are saving the state, but he just found out that he is the reason why things are dying off.

For Cuomo, it was not enough for masks to be forced on every person’s face and stay home. He needed to strut his stuff some more, so he ordered closures of restaurants and another place of business that people need to be open so they can carry on with their lives.

Science and time have proved that the old ways of containment will not work. Seventy-five percent of new cases are coming from households. One family member spreads it to another, and before long, the entire family is immune.

But Cuomo is set against believing the truth regarding COVID-19. He sees one infection and assumes that everyone is going to catch it again. So, he locks everything down, which in turn causes more harm than good.

Businesses need customers to make money and stay open. But the restaurants, bars, hair salons, and other places of service had to shut down or be subject to rigorous conditions. These conditions would often change, and the places would have to start all over again.

Cuomo misses the truth that the lockdowns are now the reasons why other death categories are way up. People are not meant to be caged up like an animal. All of the businesses that Cuomo keeps trying to kill off are considered extremely low-risk areas.

They are the last spots that should ever be shut down and told to keep people out.

The people of New York have had enough, and they have gotten together to fight the orders of the governor. The basis of the argument is that Cuomo’s reasons for shutting everything down were “arbitrary.”

There was no basis for his rulings. The judge saw the rationale and told Cuomo to take a hike.

One media outlet stated that “Cuomo implemented a “Micro-Cluster” strategy to control the spread of coronavirus that designated various areas of the state as red, orange, or yellow zones. Red zones, or areas that were considered coronavirus hot-spots, were subject to the most restrictive rules. Orange zones were the areas directly surrounding the red zones and were the second-most restrictive, and yellow zones were the least restrictive.”

Cuomo’s breakdown of the “zones” was confusing at best. Instead of segmenting the industry, Cuomo regionalized everything.

Any region that surpassed a set limit had to shut down. And what was really crazy about his plan was that the various colors dictated what these places could do. An orange zone meant that no food or drink could be served. At that point, there is no reason for the places to remain open.

The judge noted that “the criteria for whether an area is classified as an orange or yellow zone are not distinctive enough. In order for an area to be classified as a yellow zone, the 7-day rolling positivity average for 10 days had to be above 2.5% – but if that number exceeded 3%, the area was classified as an orange zone. One could envision a scenario where the 7-day rolling average positivity for ten days in a specified area rose and fell above and below the 3 % figure on a daily basis.”

Cuomo’s ideas were even confusing to the judge. The nasty governor is fighting the end of the pandemic.

He wants to live in a pandemic utopia where he is the boss. He resisted the vaccine rollout and even allowed it to be distributed to people that should not have been at the top of the list. But he likes drug addicts and criminals more than he does the elderly. But he got the kick in the pants he needed by a judge that ordered him to knock it off.


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