Quarantine Nazis Strike in Germany and Liberals Should Look the Other Way

Quarantine Nazis Strike in Germany and Liberals Should Look the Other Way

Just because one first-world country does something doesn’t mean that we follow suit. The Democrats are so quick to compare the U.S. to other countries in terms of how we’re dealing with the pandemic. They yell and scream that we’ve got higher infection rates than anyone else.

Yes, we do. However, much of that has to do with city infrastructures as well as the American freedoms that we know and love.

Now is not the time to be comparing us to Germany. It seems as though the country has remembered its Nazi roots – and is using them in a way to help control the pandemic.

Germany has decided that they’re going to set up detention centers for those who want to ignore quarantine rules. This is scary – anyone who thinks that the rules don’t apply to them could find themselves forcibly detained.

Each state in Germany will be exploring ways to create these centers. Saxony is repurposing a refugee camp while others will be using juvenile detention centers and hospitals.

The German federal government has the right to do this to its citizens – it’s all within the Disease Protection Act.

Of course, many of the Interior Ministers are saying that this would only be used as a last resort. It would also require a court order. However, they’re already planning for such a thing. They’re willing to take away rights as a way to keep the masses safe.

Do you feel outraged? You should. If something like this were to happen in the United States, it could lead to thousands being locked up in detention centers. A perfect example is to show the sheer number of people who continuously violate Governor Newsom’s quarantine restrictions in California.

No one’s listening to Newsom. They want their freedoms. They don’t want to sit inside of their homes. And, as a result, California has some of the highest spikes of virus infections found within the country.

However, is locking everyone up the answer? Absolutely not.

Some Democrats have already thought about the possibilities, though. Governor Cuomo of New York has already been thinking about concentration-style camps for those who want to break quarantine – and he doesn’t even want a court order to make it happen. He wants to be the judge, jury, and executioner to determine who would go into the camps and for how long.

According to the World Health Organization, Germany’s numbers have been going up. Throughout the country, there have been days with 30,000+ infections and even deaths of 1200 or more.

The statistics are scary – but not as scary as the numbers seen in the United States.

Germany’s already done lockdowns. It hasn’t worked. They’ve done mask mandates. It hasn’t worked.

It’s likely that the Democrats will only want to pick and choose certain details when they begin to compare us to Germany. The moment Germany’s numbers start to improve, they’ll point to the Nazi-esque camps and demand that anyone who breaks the quarantine rules will be sent into a camp.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany has been meeting with lawmakers. They’re concerned about the rise in numbers, especially if the British variant makes it to the country. They want at least eight more weeks of “tough measures.” Otherwise, they fear that they could have ten times the number of cases by Easter.

No country seems to have the answer. The cases just seem to keep increasing, no matter what is done.

Lockdown hasn’t proven to be effective – and locking people up in quarantine camps certainly isn’t the answer, either.

The Democrats need to look the other way on this one. While they may want to take advice from European countries on many things, this cannot be one of them. If they think they’ve got a battle on their hands now, all they have to do is roll out detention camps and they’ll have the next civil war on their doorsteps.


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