Sorry, Being a Devout Catholic Doesn’t Mean Abortion is a Go

Sorry, Being a Devout Catholic Doesn’t Mean Abortion is a Go

Oh, Biden is a devout Catholic. That’s all we hear from the liberal media anymore when the word ‘abortion’ is mentioned. Sorry, but there’s no way that he’s as devout as he claims to be when he has said that he is in favor of abortion.

Further, it’s hard to be devout when Christian priests and archbishops have come forward to say that he cannot receive communion because of his stance on abortion.

Biden’s been quick to put an end to many of Trump’s policies. So, what’s going to happen with the Mexico City policy? This, of course, is the policy that prevents non-government associations overseas from using U.S. funds to provide abortion services or counseling. Essentially, U.S. tax dollars cannot be used to fund abortions in other countries.

Jen Psaki, the new press secretary for Biden, won’t provide a straight answer.

Everyone’s starting to ask the same questions.

Psaki dodges those questions in epic fashion, identifying that Biden is a “devout Catholic.”

Great, we already know that is a lie, so answer the question. Nope. There’s no straight answer to be given because there have already been reports to show that Biden will be revoking the Mexico Policy. That means that the U.S. government has a green light to fund international abortions.

There’s also the Hyde Amendment, which prevents taxpayer dollars from paying for Medicaid abortions.

Pro-life Americans have an issue with both of these pieces of legislation.

When asked point-blank what Biden will be doing about those two things, Psaki affirmed that the Mexico Policy will be tackled in the next few days. However, there was a quick reminder that Biden is Catholic.

Stop saying it. Those words don’t mean what you think they mean.

There’s no way to be Catholic and be okay with perfectly healthy babies being aborted out of a perfectly healthy woman. It’s not okay. It’s murder. Especially when a woman is in her second or third trimester and wants to get an abortion because having a baby is “inconvenient,” it’s murder.

Biden wanted to run on a wholesome campaign that he was a good Christian boy who attended Catholic mass. As a result, people voted for him. They thought that abortion policies would stay put.

However, it hasn’t even been a week and Biden has proved that he’s a vile swamp monster. He didn’t get drained away in what Trump had tried to accomplish in his four years in office. Instead, Biden was able to take his swampy ways directly into the Oval Office.

Psaki moved from reporter to reporter – and when asked about abortion, she provided a little story about how Biden attends church. At one point, she said, “He started his day attending church with his family this morning. But I don’t have anything more for you on that.” Then, she moved on to the next reporter.

Catharine O’Neill, a former staff assistant under the Office of the Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights decided to drop a truth bomb on Twitter to remind people that “actual Devout Catholics” are pro-life.

Anyone who is currently sipping the Kool-Aid and believes that Biden is as devout as he believes that he is needs to be reminded of this.

There’s no way to claim one thing and do another.

He’s being bullied. The President of the United States of America is being bullied by the liberals who believe that abortion is okay and that it’s a “woman’s right to choose.” Rather than listening to what his priest preaches every Sunday, Biden is allowing the liberal lobbyists to run his presidency.

Within days, Biden will have destroyed all of the pro-life legislation that Trump worked hard to create. Human life is sacred – but apparently, Biden isn’t listening when he goes to church every Sunday.

“Devout Catholic” isn’t supposed to be used as a marketing tactic. It’s supposed to be a lifestyle. However, Biden has proven within hours of being sworn in that he lied his way into the White House.


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