Schumer Must Be High to Consider Marijuana Legislation

Schumer Must Be High to Consider Marijuana Legislation

The pandemic has led to more addiction cases than ever. People are quarantined at home. They’re struggling mentally, physically, and financially. As a result, people are turning to substance abuse as a way to feel anything.

Science has proven time and again that marijuana is a gateway drug. Once people have tried marijuana, they’re more likely to try other drugs. It can escalate to cocaine, LSD, meth, and much more.

Science is something that the Democrats love to talk about. They want to claim that they follow science and not gut feelings. It’s why they feel that they can conquer the pandemic better than the Trump administration.

However, science seems to only be used when it’s convenient for the liberal discussion.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has met with cannabis advocates to begin establishing a federal legalization plan for 2021.

This is the New York Democrat’s big plan for the 117th Congress. Forget about dealing with the war on drugs. Forget about improving the economy. He wants to legalize marijuana on the federal level – and that would allow both medicinal and recreational marijuana to be available throughout all 50 states.

More and more states have been legalizing marijuana on one level or another. Virginia and Wisconsin are among the latest states to legalize it.

Regardless of how many states have chosen to legalize it, marijuana has always been illegal on the federal level. It means that dispensaries can’t make deposits in banks because those are part of the federal government. It means that people can’t possess or use marijuana on federal lands.

However, it also means that the federal government can’t cash in on marijuana as the states can. Many states, including Oregon and Colorado, have managed to cash in on the legalization of marijuana because of the taxes on the dispensaries.

One of the reasons why Schumer is pushing for the legalization is to create a controlled market and a safe product.

There’s no guarantee of that, though. And if he would listen to science, there are still many aspects of marijuana that are not understood. There are dangerous long-term effects that people can encounter, too.

The U.S. is battling a drug epidemic. Substance abuse is high – and statistics show that it can start at the age of 12. Combine that with the fact that many people are more likely to develop substance abuse issues if they have other mental health conditions and there are plenty of concerns.

The Senate Majority Leader would rather spend his time in Congress legalizing a drug that can lead to substance abuse and death than dealing with the drug epidemic and the rampant mental health problems.

Is Schumer high? Is he looking to legalize so that he can sit back in the Capitol Building and smoke a joint?

He must be high if he thinks that this is a good idea. It’s dangerous territory for the federal government, but all he sees is the dollar signs. He doesn’t care about the repercussions that it could have.

What’s next?

Does he think that cocaine and meth should be legal, too? After all, it would help to reduce the population of prisons around the country if we were to just legalize all of the drugs. The federal government could tax all of the drugs, making it possible to grab a dime bag at your local CVS as long as you pay your pot tax on it.

Then, the liberals could have all the spending money they want. They could spend trillions to fight climate change as though it’s a living, breathing entity. They could spend trillions more to fight systemic racism by dumping money into low-income families Then, they’ll learn that many will use the money for the drugs that they just legalized.

There’s no way that any of this makes sense. It would lead to countless nightmares within the federal government and for recovering addicts around the country. Perhaps Schumer and the rest of the liberals really are high.


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