Utah Says if You Want to Conceal Carry Just Do It… No Need to Ask Permission

Utah Says if You Want to Conceal Carry Just Do It… No Need to Ask Permission

Gun rights activists in Utah have something to cheer about. Residents of the state will soon be allowed to stick a pistol in their pocket or their purse without the hassle of red tape. No classes to attend. No firing range to prove proficiency. Just grab it and go.

Republican Governor Spencer Cox is about to put pen to paper to eliminate the need of requiring a concealed weapons permit. Any Utah resident or visitor to the state over the age of 21 will be fully within their rights to stash a gun under their clothing while attending church or shopping at Piggly-Wiggly. Wherever they go, so can the hidden weapon.

Clark Aposhian, chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, said he and his group have lobbied to have the existing rules changed since 2013 but former governor Gary Herbert wouldn’t hear of such a thing. Aposhian noted how it can currently take up to 90-days to receive a concealed permit which does no good for those who feel they are in imminent danger and need protection now.

Utah is not alone. Because of state-level pressure from gun owners concerning their Second Amendment rights, Utah is joining 16 other states which have already repealed the need for concealed permits. Most of the state laws were changed in the mid-1990s with the exception of Vermont that has never required a concealed permit.

No state has ever dared to specifically ban the carrying of concealed weapons though certain ones have made permits difficult to obtain by over-complicated the issue. Eight states are allowed to reject applications for no reason other than gut instinct. An applicant may have flown through the background check and successfully completed all other qualifications and still be denied.

Every expert without exception agrees on how the National Rifle Association has had everything to do with everything. They went to bat swinging and taught our government how influential gun owners can be. Especially in terms of the millions of votes that hinge on this one issue of great importance to them. The NRA prompted other gun rights groups to go and do likewise.

Jake Charles, executive director of Duke University’s Center for Firearms Law, sang accolades to gun rights activists by saying, “The adoption of these laws in the last two decades has demonstrated the power and persuasive ability of a mobilized gun-rights movement.”

As one would rightfully expect, a few gun-control activist groups such as Moms Demand Action unsuccessfully attempted to roadblock Cox. To no avail, they flailed their arms and accused the governor of “gutting” important requirements that would down the road prove “dangerous” to the general public.

It was Republican Utah state senator David Hinkins who sponsored the bill. In response to the naysayers, Hinkins pointed out how there is no evidence linking looser carrying laws to increases in gun violence. In some cases, the opposite has occurred by discouraging criminals to act out. They have no idea who’s carrying and might decide to play the hero.

Hinkins scored a touchdown when he said, “The three safest states in the U.S. have permitless carry laws: Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. This is not a left or a right issue, it’s a good policy backed by good data.”

Robert Leider, a George Mason University professor who studies gun laws, said gun-rights groups rebutted those arguments by emphasizing self-defense.

“Gun-rights groups have been immensely successful at legalizing the carrying of firearms for self-defense,” Robert Leider, a George Mason University professor said. “Even many liberal states readily issue permits to carry firearms.” He said the key to success with gun rights groups has been their emphasis on self-defense.

Utah’s new law easily passed through their state Senate with a 22-6 vote. It then slid right through the House with a 51-20 vote. If a Utah resident is prone to travel, they can still obtain a permit that will cover them while in other states, but while they’re home, grab it and go, no questions asked.


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